D&D5e “Land of Lost Souls” Session 6 — On a wing and a prayer

Fellow role-players, here are my notes for Session 6 of our D&D5e game, which was held on Sunday, 1 March 2015:

Player Characters for the “Land of Lost Souls,” Dexter V.H.’s telecom fantasy miniseries, using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth EditionAD&D2/D&D3.5 Dragonlance, the Forgotten Realms, Palladium Fantasy, Obsidian Portal, Skype, and the Rolz.org dice roller, as of spring 2015:

  • Kalidren ‘Cal’ Haraishur [Gene D.]-male Qualinesti (Sylvan Elf) Paladin of Kiri-Jolith, god of valor; folk hero and a potential member of the Legion of Steel; LGn, Lvl. 2
  • Redrik Stoneflow [Byron V.O.]-male Neidar (Hill Dwarf) Cleric of Paladine, god of justice; outcast, guild artisan, and silversmith; LGn, Lvl. 1
  • Maddie Moonfang [Sara F.C.]-female wolfing Barbarian, skin changer from the plains and former thrall of an evil wizard; TNc; Lvl. 2
  • Perogen Hawke [Josh C.]-male human Wizard of the White Robes, sage; NGc, Lvl. 2
  • Rowan Kar-Thon [Geoff C.]-male Half-Elf Skald (Bard), outlander and storyteller; NGc, Lvl. 2
  • Santiddio Sefrayn [Bruce K.]-male Half-Elf Rogue (thief), charlatan and professional treasure seeker; CNg, Lvl. 2
  • Enyilarur Skilelo [Drew S./absent]-male brass Draconian Eldritch Knight (Dragonborn Fighter), noble and arcanist, with three reptilian retainers; CGn, Lvl. 2

The band of adventurers visited the Dwarven capital of Thorbardin to give warning of an approaching Orcish army. It also questioned a Dark Elf prisoner, acquired supplies and flying mounts, and met King Ivor Stoneaxe in an alley. Part of the group defeated would-be assassins in a Gnome’s shop.

Maddie keeps the surviving thug in a chokehold, while Perogen casts Detect Magic and finds amulets with two faces. They give the Goblins the illusory guise of Dwarves. Rowan confiscates two daggers that are cold to the touch.

Members of the city watch arrive and question Gnome shopkeeper Smigem. They are wary of the outlanders but take the Goblin into custody. The trio regroups with its companions at the “Dragon’s Forge” inn on the city’s outskirts.

Cal, Sam, and Santiddio report on how they met King Ivor Stoneaxe, who approves of their mission to bring Half-Orc Root to his grandfather, King Obould, in the hope of avoiding bloodshed. They, Redrik, and Skilelo prepare to head out.

Dwarf scout Shadowfox asks the group to make note of what it sees in the New Coast region between Thorbardin and Bloten, the capital of Blodehelm, about 300 miles away. He assigns two underlings to escort the team to the edge of Orcish territory.

That night, Princess Eina visits the tavern. The wanderers hear laughter but don’t immediately see who is with her. Cal asks Perogen what he can perceive, but Sam simply asks the princess. She introduces Itchum, a violet-scaled faerie dragon whom the king has asked to join the travelers.

Cal and Sam are reluctant to bring the mischievous drake along, but Maddie and Rowan take to Itchum. Redrik realizes that he must leave his boar Gristle behind, and he hopes that the steeds will be safe as Thorbardin comes under siege.

Eleven giant owls set forth from the capital and fly northeast:

  • 2 for the Dwarf scouts
  • Sylvan Elf Cal and Half-Elf Santiddio
  • Half-Elf (Irda) Sam and one snow leopard cub
  • Hill Dwarf Redrik (the heaviest in armor)
  • Plainswoman Maddie, human Perogen, and the other cub
  • Half-Elf Rowan
  • 2 for Skilelo and his three Draconian followers
  • Half-Orc Root (the second heaviest)
  • One spare, for provisions
Giant owls
Owl riders

The first day is uneventful as the adventuring party flies out of the Kharolis Mountains and over a caravan on the hot Plains of Dust. When the Dwarves spot something else large in the air, the group turns north to avoid it.

Cal and company plan to switch to nighttime flying for the owls’ sake. They also set the following watches when resting:

  1. Maddie, Rowan, and Itchum
  2. Redrik and Santiddio
  3. Cal and Sam
  4. Perogen and Skilelo

On the third day, the explorers camp in the grasslands of New Coast [Marker 2]. During his and Ranger Sam’s watch, Cal hears something just outside the perimeter. The Paladin sees a green woman, which one of the intelligent owls recognizes as a Dryad.

The sentries are wary of the fey and wake their friends. Nyera says that others have passed through her lands, including Orcs and mysterious Dark Elves. The nature spirit also talks with Barbarian Maddie’s cub, which she says is grateful for being rescued after its mother was murdered.

Cal and Cleric Redrik explains that their mission is to relieve the impending siege of Thorbardin by Orcs and to fight for justice, but Nyera is more concerned with nature’s balance. Cal also asks about the Qualinesti homeland in the Wayreth Forest, which has fallen under an unnatural shadow. The Dryad says that she is in occasional contact with her kin there.

Nyera also hints to Skald Rowan and Rogue Santiddio that there are “new players” among the outer planes of existence, potentially adding a “fourth power” to the sources of divine magic. Spellcasters Redrik and Perogen aren’t happy to hear that. The Dryad grants the group one favor while it’s within her lands.

Later, on fourth watch, Perogen has a vision of a woman whose face and upper body match that of the recently captured Drow and whose lower body is that of a giant spider. She asks him to join her. The shaken Wizard shares what he has seen with the group.

The next evening, the owl riders see another Orcish army encampment. It’s not as large as the horde approaching Thorbardin, but Sam sends one of the taciturn Dwarven scouts back to warn the city.

The would-be diplomats fly through the night and stop to rest at the ruins of Netheltan, just across a large bay from Blodehelm. Root tells Rowan that Orcs are usually organized in tribes that fight among themselves; large, unified armies are unusual.

Sam notes that most Orcs came through a planar rift about a century ago. Redrik speculates that the Dark Elves could have reopened the rift and be former allies or enemies of the Orcs. The priest of Paladine isn’t happy to learn that the humanoids trade with Ogres and human knights of Takhisis.

Sam recommends having a cover story of being tomb raiders, merchants, or mercenaries, and Rowan is confident that any of those identities should be fine. Perogen gives Cal and Redrik the amulets of illusion, since they’d stand out most.

In the fourth night, the group reaches the plains of Blodehelm. The owls drop off the wanderers in the foothills of the Khalkist Mountains, which separate the Orcish plains and swamps from the more urban Ogres of Blode [Marker 18].

Maddie shifts into wolf form to scout ahead with stealthy Sam, Santiddio, and invisible Itchum. Cal takes on the guise of an Orc warrior, and Redrik appears as a Goblin shaman. They hike through passes south and then east toward Bloten.

Orcs riding wargs accost the party. Impatient Root announces himself as King Obould’s heir apparent, and the Orcs shoot him with arrows. Santiddio and Rowan manage to calm down both sides by surrendering, and Redrik rushes to heal the Half-Orc.

Cal claims to be from the Broken Arrow clan, and Skilelo and the other Draconians balance out the Half-Elves in the Orcs’ eyes. They take their companions’ weapons. However, Urphaer, the leader of the warg riders, is unimpressed with the “bastard” Root.

He marches the newcomers into the city of Bloten and tells them to wait. The humans and demihumans keep their nerve despite being surrounded by numerous Orcs.

Orc city

The group is eventually brought before King Obould and a female Orc shaman (whom Cal senses is evil)….

Please note that we won’t be meeting next Sunday, March 8, but the “Land of Lost Souls” should resume on March 15. Happy Birthday to Dexter!

In the meantime, remember to update your character records on Obsidian Portal to Level 3, and let the Game Master know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing some of you at Jason E.R.’s FAE Channel 37” game tonight….