Top 10 things to do when there’s no game

My role-playing groups have had to deal with several schedule disruptions lately, with the latest coming from Hurricane Sandy.

Specialized random weather generators
Rolling the dice

Still, all is not lost — here are some things to do (in no particular order) when there’s no game:

  1. Enjoy the extra time with family members. Or, hide from them.
  2. Review your Player Character records so they’re up to date.
  3. Follow the news media’s breathless coverage.
  4. Make plans with fellow role-players for what your adventuring parties will do next.
  5. Hope that the government/boss will also give you tomorrow off.
  6. Let the Game Masters know what you’d like your characters to do/see/meet next.
  7. Light some candles, invite the neighbors over, and host a seance or board game night.
  8. Review the rules and recent session updates. Just kidding — that’s for G.M.s — recharge your creative batteries by reading or watching something fun.
  9. Sacrifice canned goods to the storm gods.
  10. Prepare extra evil plans for the next time you run something.

Stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 things to do when there’s no game

    1. Of course, since then, I’ve run a few games, attended my historical weapons class in full armor for Halloween, and gone to the Rhode Island Comic Con. Never enough time in the day!


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