Up and away!

Up wallpaperr

Friends, I hope you've had a good fortnight. Last weekend, Janice
and I went to Harvard Square,
Cambridge, for its book shops and restaurants, including B Good Burger. We also met the Levines
in Boston for a nice dinner at Legal
Sea Foods
and dessert at Finale.

My first week at my new assistant site editor job went well. It's
the first time in 10 years that I've had to get used to a new employer and
corporate culture. So far, my commute, hours, and co-workers have been great.
It has taken some time to learn the technologies and processes at TT, but I
expect to have quite a bit of work to do once I'm up to speed.

Yesterday (Saturday, 6 June 2009), we went to a street
fair in Needham
, Massachusetts, followed by meeting Thomas K.Y. at the AMC Framingham
16 for a matinee of Pixar's Up.

I enjoyed the computer-animated movie more than I expected to.
From the previews, I thought it would be just another comedy, but as with Wall-E,
the first 20 minutes had little dialogue but great emotional depth. I'd give Up an 8.5 out of 10, or an A-.

After the movie, we had dinner at British Beer Company, where every meal we've
had so far has been good. I'm still catching up on reading comic books, genre television, and gaming notes,
and I've got more blogging to do!

It has been difficult for many of my peers to focus on entertaining
diversions lately because of concerns about the ongoing economic recession,
global political tensions, and ailing family members. I hope that we'll all be
able to get through these tough times together!