Entry for May 23, 2009: Job news!

Friends, I'm pleased to report that less than a month after being laid off, I received and accepted a job offer yesterday! I had a telephone interview last week and a face-to-face one on Thursday, 21 May 2009. By that afternoon, my references had been contacted, and I got a phone call yesterday morning!

Because of the possibility of interviews, I didn't attend some outplacement seminars in Burlington, Massachusetts, and I didn't go with Janice to visit her ailing grandmother in Pennsylvania this week. I haven't heard back regarding one potential freelancing gig, which would have required software installations.

Although I don't mind having time to myself, I'd rather have the security of a steady paycheck than worry about severance and unemployment benefits ending. Many people, including several friends and relatives, are still looking for work. Let's hope the global economy recovers from the current recession soon!

The assistant site editor position doesn't completely reflect my 10+ years of experience as a copy editor in technology publishing and journalism, but it should enable me to gain valuable Web skills and learn a new corporate culture. The new job will also be close to where I live in Needham, Mass.

Thanks again for all your support, and I was lucky to know Jacqui D.B. and other CW alumni at TT, where I'll be starting on Monday, June 1. I also got several sterling references from former co-workers on LinkedIn.com and elsewhere, which no doubt helped.

My travel plans for early summer will have to be postponed, but I look forward to getting together with college chum Steve A.L. and Michele M.L. and their son Nathaniel during their Boston visit tomorrow. Have a good Memorial Day weekend!