Entry for March 11, 2009: New York wedding weekend

Last weekend, I was honored to participate in the wedding of high school friend Damon F.P. and Nicole D.P. at St. James the Apostle Roman Catholic Church in Carmel, New York. Janice and I drove down from Massachusetts early on Saturday, 7 March 2009.

I had served as Damon's best man 10 years ago, and my scripture readings at his and Nicole's renewal of vows went smoothly. Nicole's teenage children, Aaron and Katie, were best man and maid of honor, respectively.

Unlike the previous weekend, in which we got a foot of snow in New England, the weather was unseasonably warm and pleasant. Unfortunately, our New York City friends such as Dexter V.H. weren't able to attend. After the ceremony, we joined Damon & Nicole's family and friends at McCarthy's pub, where we sat outside for a round of drinks before dinner.

Janice and I chatted Carlo R. and Steve M., whom I've hung out with since our time together at Archbishop Stepinac High School in White Plains in the early 1980s, while fellow SUNY-Binghamton alumnus Ron J.K. and his parents left. Carlo ran into a cousin of his at the wedding.

Although the restaurant's service was slow, my stuffed fillet of sole was very good. We discussed work, sports, gaming, and travel, and Carlo later joined Janice and me at Heidi's Inn (where we had stayed for last August's 40th birthday bash). We considered trying to screen Watchmen but decided to wait, instead staying up talking about religion, science, and genre entertainment. Damon & Nicole left the next morning for a second honeymoon in Italy.

On the way home on Sunday, Janice and I stopped at That's Entertainment and Borders Books in Worcester, Mass., and had an early dinner at the Olive Garden near where I work in Framingham, Mass. I've been catching up on recorded television and gaming since then, but I expect to have lots to review in the coming weeks!