Entry for March 04, 2009: Update smorgasbord

Friends, I've been busy with work, but here are some quick hits:

Food and travel: This past weekend, Janice and I enjoyed a buffet lunch at Asia Treasures, and I've been spoiled with her roasts and chicken enchilada casserole. We've also tried cooking pasta with less water, as articles have recommended. This coming weekend, we're looking forward to attending the church wedding of Damon F.P. & Nicole D.P. in New York.

Chores: I had to cancel the D&D4e "Vanished Lands: the Faith-Based Initiative" session of Monday, 2 March 2009, because of snow. This morning, I had a regularly scheduled dental appointment, and with our taxes done, I expect my aging car to be the next thing to need attention.

Other games: While half of our supergroup has continued with the City of Heroes multiplayer online game, David I.S., Dexter V.H., and I have overcome our initial technical hurdles to play Lord of the Rings Online. Despite "SciFriday," Fridays will probably be our regular time slot, with Sunday nights devoted to the Pathfinder: "Holy Steel" teleconferencing role-players.

Genre entertainment: Slacker espionage comedy Chuck has been rejoined by supernatural slacker comedy Reaper in my viewing schedule, even as Leverage and Psych take a breather. On cable television, I also caught Gone Baby, Gone, which was a good neo-noir crime drama set in and around Boston. It wasn't the sort of movie I'd pay to see in a theater, but it was pretty good.

I've been rereading Watchmen in preparation for the upcoming live-action movie adaptation. As other reviewers have noted, the Cold War setting is dated, but the intricate drama and superhero deconstruction remain impressive 20+ years after I first read the graphic novel. Because of my travel plans, I'll have to wait to screen the film. Have a good week!