Entry for October 15, 2008: Birthday musings

Thanks again to all who sent birthday wishes! I appreciate them all, and middle age doesn't (yet) feel different from being in my 30s. Thanks to Janice, I'll be feasting on lasagna and chocolate cake tonight!

My first decade (1968 to 1978) was spent in the bosom of my family, forming who I am in terms of temperament. I lived in Manhattan and the Bronx, making me forever a New Yorker. I went to Roman Catholic elementary schools, became an omnivore, and traveled the world. Yes, I wore bell bottoms, but I was never a fan of disco.

My second decade (1978 to 1988) was spent in Yonkers, in Westchester County. I got eyeglasses and braces, and I developed my interests in science fiction and fantasy entertainment and role-playing games. Most of my pop culture knowledge and musical tastes (classic rock, heavy metal) are from this decade. As the recent 40th birthday bash demonstrated, I've been fortunate to hang onto several friends since high school in White Plains.

In my third decade (1988 to 1998), I was very active in student organizations during college in Upstate New York. After a year in Queens, I went to graduate school for international relations in Washington D.C. I got married, and much of my family and friends also moved to Virginia. Although I didn't get into the grunge movement, I did briefly grow a goatee.

In the past decade (1998 to 2008), I moved to the Boston area, found a career as a copy editor despite economic uncertainties, and have enjoyed watching my nieces and nephews grow up. Who knows what the future will bring?