Entry for October 14, 2008: Marking time…

I'm sad to report the passing of my aunt Josefa, or Tita Sepa, after illness in the Philippines. Janice's and my thoughts are with my mother's side of the family there. On a happier note, Happy Birthday to my nephews David and Joshua, fellow SUNY-Binghamton alumni Kim A.G. and Ben P.S., and gamers Atilla C. and Patrick D'H.! Thanks, friends, for the early birthday wishes.

Speaking of birthday celebrations, on Saturday, 11 October 2008, Janice and I drove out to Zipango, a Japanese restaurant in Worcester, Massachusetts, for a surprise party for co-worker April O'C. The food was good, and we had fun talking with April's husband Todd and their friends Craig, a reporter, and Nancy, an educator. Co-worker Steph F. also attended the party, and I hope to hang out more with our designers outside of the office in the future.

While out west, Janice and I also stopped in at comic/game shop That's Entertainment, walked around Elm Park's scenic bridges, and visited the large Borders on Route 9 East. In addition, we took advantage of the nice weather to finally put our living-room air conditioner in storage for the winter. Soon, we'll be raking leaves.