Truth, justice, and the American way, summer 2006

Friends, I hope that you had a good Independence Day! (The patriotic photograph attached to this entry was from last year’s cruise to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard.)

Gene in Nantucket
Proud to be an American

I’ve been critical of recent U.S. politics, so for a change, I will express what I’m proud of as an American. I’m fortunate to live in a prosperous, diverse democracy, whose generosity and openness to new ideas continue to inspire people around the world.

Having recently seen the glitz of Las Vegas, the spectacular natural wonders of the Grand Canyon, and soon to again visit the cities of  New York and Washington D.C., my appreciation of my homeland has never been greater. Trust in reason and in humanity’s quest for self-improvement, as enshrined in the documents left by the Founding Fathers, have left all of us an ideal of equality and justice to continue to strive toward and protect.

Somewhat more down to earth, Janice and I met Beruk A. on Saturday, 1 July 2006, to screen Superman Returns at the AMC Framingham 16, followed by lunch at Panera in Natick, Massachusetts. We all enjoyed the movie, which I’ve reviewed in more detail elsewhere.

I thought Bryan Singer, Brandon Routh, et al. did a very good job of continuing the legacy of almost 70 years, including creators Siegel and Schuster, animators Max Fleischer and Paul Dini/Bruce Timm, George Reeves and the rest of the 1950s television cast, various comic books and other media over the years, and especially Richard Donner and Christopher Reeve in the late 1970s/early 1980s. If you’re a fan of any of these superhero stories, you’ll probably like Superman Returns, one of my favorite movies so far this year and one of the best in this genre, IMHO…

Janice and I also finally set up our air conditioner for the first time since our move between duplexes, put up a few more curtains, and walked around the town of Needham, Mass. After her usual shift at the animal shelter on Sunday morning, Janice visited her immediate family in Upstate New York through yesterday.

I had to work on Monday, July 3, but we were let out early. I got home in time to camp out in front of the Needham high school for some excellent fireworks. On July 4 itself, I attended the local parade and flea market, as well as a model sailboat regatta.

I also managed to mow the lawn just before rain and Janice’s return, winding down the holiday with chores. My D20 Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Ed.: “Drake’s Port” superhero game is on hiatus for the moment.

As already noted, I’m looking forward to visiting friends in metropolitan New York this coming weekend. David I.S. (who’ll be coming down from upstate) and I will be staying with Steve A.L. in Brooklyn.

Dave has a few dates planned, and I hope to hang out in Manhattan on Sunday and meet with the “Westchester crew” on my way home on Monday, before Janice’s and my storage unit is returned next Tuesday. In the meantime, let freedom ring… -Gene