“Star Trek: Restoration” Episode 2 — Driving the wedge

Fellow role-players, here are my notes for our second Star Trek session, which I hosted in Waltham, Mass., during Byron V.O.’s visit on Saturday, 28 June 2014:

“Space, the final frontier. Our starship’s mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life forms and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.”

Almost four decades after the Enterprise-E fought the Borg and Remans [Nemesis], among others, the United Federation of Planets (U.F.P.) and other interstellar states in the Alpha Quadrant are slowly recovering from wars and ecological disasters. A refitted vessel takes a new crew on its first missions of defense, diplomacy, and exploration….

Player Characters for Gene D.’s “Star Trek: Restoration” space opera scenario, using D20 Prime DirectiveFATE 3e Starblazer Adventures, Mindjammer 2e, Bulldogs, and house rules, summer 2014:

  • “Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Kyerak” [Bruce K.]-half-Vulcan with a temper, in the U.S.S. Rotha’s command division
  • “Lt. Orzzek Kalifa” [Byron V.O.]-male Andorian (blue-skinned humanoid with white hair and antennae), assertive science officer
  • “Froot” [Rich C.G.]-male Ferengi (short, large-eared extraterrestrial) merchant and negotiator, DaiMon and owner of the trade vessel Love’s Latinum Lost
  • “Kimbal Tegan” [Beruk A.]-male Trill (long-lived symbiont), operations specialist aboard the Love’s Latinum Lost
  • “Lt. Jarric Jameson” [Dexter V.H./absent]-male genetically modified human colonist (former Maquis) communications and wilderness survival expert aboard the Rotha
  • “Lt. Mari Killu” [Sara F./absent]-female Caitian (felinoid) security/tactical officer
  • “Lt. Boran’ Gorir” [Josh C./absent]-male Jem’Hadar (bio-engineered Dominion soldier), aggressive envoy/engineer

Previously, in “Star Trek: Restoration,” the U.S.S. Rotha was assigned to bring representatives of the Klingon Empire home through the Neutral Zone. However, several crew members were murdered, and junior officers were forced to subdue a Gorn and an Orion. In addition, the junior officers uncovered an Undine disguised with a holo-emitter.

“Stardate 95248.01 (2 April 2418):” Two Valdore -class Romulan warbirds decloak, and Capt. Andelina Nobatu brings the U.S.S.Rotha to yellow alert. Lt. Kyerak and Lt. Orzzek Kalifa race to the bridge. The Vulcan takes the helm from En. Brandon Marks, and the Andorian sits at an auxiliary science station to process scan results for Edosian Lt. K’dex.

The rest of the Rotha ‘s 900 Starfleet personnel ready for battle. Lt. Jarrick Jameson and Lt. Mari Killu prepare to repel potential boarders, and Lt. Boran’ Gorir diverts energy to shields. Tensions are high as Subcommander Vurik of the Varguille demands that Capt. Nobatu hand over the Klingon emissaries, the Orion D’naar and the Gorn “Hands of Giblets.”

The Terran human captain successfully asks for some time and has a quick conference with her bridge crew. Kyerak recommends patience, impressing first officer Cmdr. Nasami Wahid.

Kalifa notes that Romulan cloaking technology has continued to advance in reaction to Federation sensors, but he believes he can compensate when acquiring targets for photon torpedoes.

The meeting is interrupted when another vessel drops out of warp. A small Ferengi trader hails the assembled ships. DaiMon Froot quickly assesses the standoff and offers the Love’s Latinum Lost as a neutral meeting place for negotiations.

Despite the Ferengi’s insulting tone, Capt. Nobatu and Subcommander Vurik agree to send representatives. On the way to a transporter room, Lt. Kyerak stops by the “Starlight Lounge” to pick up some Andorian ale from Bolian bartender Mr. Vallcin. Lt. Kalifa asks holographic chief medical officer “Dr. Jones” for autopsy results on the Undine.

DaiMon Froot offers beetle snuff to Kyerak upon his arrival and introduces his colleague, Kimbal Tegan, a laid-back Trill. Kalifa is skeptical of the newcomers’ claim that they just happened to be passing through the Neutral Zone.

Subcommander Miral Gaius and Lt. Koval Solius beam over from the Romulan warbirds. They claim that the U.F.P. has been working with Klingon spies to further undermine the Rihannsu Empire.

Froot notes that according to the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, “Peace is good for business, but war is even better.” Still, he manages to keep the Starfleet and Romulan delegates from coming to blows.

Mr. Kyerak manages to shrug off Lt. Solius’ insults about his half-Vulcan heritage and explains that the Rotha was indeed bringing passengers to Q’onos, but an incident with a would-be assassin led to the Orion and Gorn being wounded and placed in protective custody.

Subcommander Gaius offers to escort the Federation starship through the Neutral Zone. Confident Lt. Kalifa begins devising a plan to distract and outmaneuver the grim Romulans. Tegan notes that traveling together presents opportunities for all.

Capt. Nobatu and Subcommander Vurik cautiously concur, and the four ships head toward Klingon space. Froot gives Kyerak and Kalifa a Tribble, and Tegan celebrates and irritates by hacking into subspace channels and broadcasting old Earth music.

Back on the Rotha, Lt. Kalifa gives the Tribble to Lt. K’dex to put into stasis. Lt. Kyerak asks Cmdr. Wahid and chief of security Pierre McDonnough for permission to interrogate the prisoners, but they warn him to avoid unnecessary force.

Kyerak brings Lt. Artemis Borellis, a Betazed counselor, to the brig. He and Orzzek question green-skinned D’naar and reptilian Hands of Giblets separately. The Orion pirate claims ignorance and is not intimidated by the Starfleet officers.

The Gorn, however, admits that the Klingons and Romulans have been working together on a stealth weapon, possibly the Undine itself. Lt. Borellis observes that it’s possible the delegation included the Undine as a spy without the full awareness of even the Klingons.

The officers report to the captain, who agrees that driving a wedge between the two Federation foes is better than allowing them to collaborate with the Undine. Lt. Kalifa asks Froot if it would be possible for the Love’s Latinum Lost to broadcast an Undine bio signal to the Klingons and say that the Romulans have somehow lost control of their mission.

There is an awkward moment when Cmdr. Wahid recognizes fellow Trill Tegan from a past life. After some discussion, the Ferengi trader and Starfleet crew devise another plan. As they and the Romulans approach Camp Khitomer, Vor’cha-class battle cruisers decloak.

Capt. Nobatu tells Cmdr. Korral that a routine scan detected the Undine, who was then killed. She tells the Klingon commander that D’naar and Hands of Giblets had sent a message to unknown recipients before they were incarcerated.

DaiMon Froot jumps in to say that the Love’s Latinum Lost intercepted a message between the Romulans and the Cardassian Union. Already incensed over the failure of the diplomatic mission, Korral berates Subcommander Vurik for the perceived betrayal.

The Klingon cruisers begin firing on the Romulan ships, and theRotha takes advantage of the skirmish to make evasive maneuvers and head back toward Federation space. It takes only light damage. Engineer Lt.Cmdr. Akira Gorou extends the refitted Ambassador-class Rotha’s warp bubble and shields to bring theLove’s Latinum Lost along.

At Starbase 24, Capt. Nobatu recommends the Love’s Latinum Lostfor upgrades. Froot thanks the captain, who he says “is not bad for a hooman female.” Kimbal avoids Nasami, and Orzzek makes sure that the Orion and Gorn prisoners are safely transferred.

Cmdr. Wahid meets privately with Lt. Kyerak. She offers him a covert mission to a lost Federation colony. The planet has devolved technologically, and according to the Prime Directive, its inhabitants must be left alone until proper First Contact is made.

However, Nasami says, other interstellar states have no such reluctance about exploiting more primitive worlds. She asks Kyerak to take a small squad undercover to find and “eliminate” any outside interference. The executive officer gives him a day to consider.

In the Rotha’s Starlight Lounge, Kyerak asks Kalifa, Froot, and Kimbal to join him. Kalifa agrees with the necessity of the mission but is uncomfortable with the idea of terminating any opposition and not talking with the captain.

Froot readily agrees to help bring the team to the nonaligned system as an itinerant merchant. Kimbal, who recalls a past life as a Starfleet officer, is surprised at the covert and potentially lethal nature of the mission. He agrees to come along to keep an eye on rogue Federation factions.

Kyerak tells Cmdr. Wahid that he accepts and that he hopes for a promotion. The U.F.P. agents and neutral traders begin preparing aliases and gear….

I hope that those of you who role-played in this scenario enjoyed it as much as I did hosting and running it! Thanks again to all who participated in this and the “Vanished Lands: Vistel’s Expedition” session, as well as dinner at Fiorella’s for Byron’s visit.

This year’s Creation Star Trek convention in Boston was indeed inspirational. I look forward to continuing the voyages of the crew of the U.S.S. Rotha sometime, and live long and prosper….

“Vanished Lands: the Broken Chains” Update 71 — “I’m not a demon!”

Some of the "Broken Chains"
Some of the "Broken Chains," November 2011

Fellow role-players, here are Josh’s and my notes for the “Vanished Lands: the Broken Chains” fantasy one-shot of Saturday, 19 November 2011, using FATE 3e Legends of Anglerre.

In one ancient world, there was a region where demihumans and magic thrived. Travelers strove to be adventurers, and adventurers strove to become heroes amid wonders and perils.

After the “Liberators,” “Dragonslayers,” and “Seekers of Lore” but before the “Faith-Based Initiative,” “Holy Steel,” and other wanderers explored the northwestern borderlands and the Sea of Nagendwa, the “Broken Chains” united in the Halmed Desert….

>>Some of the “Broken Chains” (originally using D&D3.5):

-“Kemosh-ket” [guest Byron V.O.]-male Anpur Kahin (Jackal-man Druid/Dunewalker) and member of the Order of the Golden Lion; NGl, Lvl. 6/1

-“Kunal Sampat Rajiv Ramaprased” [Beruk A.]-male Harappan human Sa’luk/Dhurtaraka (proto-Indian Rogue) with an oasis stronghold; Align. NGc, age 28, Level 10

-“Val Shriboe” [Brian W.]-male Gokuri Tiefling (devil-touched) Warlock, with Imp assistant Szaboch; former member of the “Faith-Based Initiative”; LNg, Age ~50, Lvl. 9

-“Neela” [Sara F.]-female Wemic Kahin (centauroid leonine Druid); with mate Tar and three cubs; CGn, age 22, Lvl. 9

-“Raz bar-Dini” [Josh C.]-male tattooed Suthern human Sha’ir (proto-Arabic Wizard/Sand Shaper); LGn, age 21, Lvl. 7/3

>>”1 to 6 October 1229 B.C.E., from the correspondence of Raz bar-Dini:” Dear father, it has been good to have helped people from far and wide. It has been too long since I’ve written, but my divination studies often take me away from the comforts of civilization.

As such, I’m saddened to learn that you are currently out of town — no doubt bringing vast wealth to my mother and influence to our house — as I sit in your study penning this note. The latest exploits of the “Broken Chains” have brought me back to Falit for a few days at least. Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

It has been about a year since my adventuring party traveled across the dangerous Halmed Desert together. As you know, I’ve been splitting my time between the Tower of Sight in the capital, my friends’ hidden oasis, and the lost city of Tel Silat.

Mighty Kemosh has defended the oasis, escorted me safely to the archaeological site, and helped other former slaves. Kunal, a successful vendor of chilled snacks, had been trading with the Vanaka (Dune Dwarves).

Our good friend Neela and her mate Tar were raising their cubs Iben, Nika, and Nar at our secret sanctuary. Honorable “Mumtaz” [Brian] had returned north to the cruel Garku Nasit, and eccentric preacher “Killian” [Greg D.C.] had taken up residence at Emein Island. I’ve lost track of our other associates.

Several days ago, I was visiting the den of Neela, whose love for her cubs is already the stuff of legend. I was scribbling arcane characters on an exterior wall, working on a magical formula of recent discovery, when a horned being suddenly appeared before me!

“Val August” spoke in Hifalendorin (northern human common) and offered to perform a service if I returned him from whence he came. The red-skinned man appeared to be middle aged, with fine robes and slippers and a winged Imp named Szaboch.

Val said he had been working as a tax collector in the town of Pledwilt. He was just with Halfling assistant Oswald serving baronet “Kurick” [Dave S.C.] on the distant Plains of Sathendo!

I determined that this creature couldn’t be a Djinn or Efreet, as he didn’t know the Suthern tongue. I then summoned Kemosh, whose valor is known from Falit to the corrupt tribes of Tel Silat — may the great Isis visit a pox on each of their houses. I asked the tall Anpur to make a quick patrol to ensure that nothing else had come through with our noble “daemon” guest.

Neela herded her unruly cubs indoors, placed them under Tar’s care, and came to see the newcomer. Meanwhile, Kemosh called on Kunal, whose frozen treats are becoming known to all who need them, interrupting his negotiations with some Vanaka. The Kahin told the Sa’luk that he had found a dead camel at the edge of the oasis, opposite of where Val had appeared to me.

Kemosh and Kunal had begun following tracks back toward us when we all heard an unearthly voice ask, “Where is he? Where are they?” I ran toward them and beheld a large naked humanoid whose swollen pink skin was dotted with irregular tufts of hair. From its fingers dangled torturer’s blades, already stained with the blood of another visitor to our oasis.

Clawed Kemosh then leaped from a rock face to the monster and raked it. The horror split open like an oozing sausage and expressed masochistic pleasure. Nimble Kunal slashed with his adamantine saber, and Warlock Val drew a wand and threw fire at the beast, whose infernal nature protected it.

Wise Neela cast Entangle, blocking the Outsider’s progress with oasis vegetation, and I cast Desiccate on its wounds, seemingly stopping them from unnaturally swift healing. My gorge rose, but I managed to rejoin the fight. Kemosh blocked a heavy blow with his four claws.

Kunal stepped back, switched to a sling, and pulled out his sack of enchanted stones. I began Calling Sand from the desert’s edge, while Szaboch gave Val a scroll of Comprehend Languages. The knowledgeable Imp identified our foe as a Amaimon, an interrogator from the Nine Hells.

Even as Kemosh continued clawing, Rogue Kunal hurled a sling stone, which turned into a boulder as it flew! It went straight through the torso of the devil, revealing innards of pink flesh without bones or organs. Neela called to her fellow Druid Kemosh to play tug of war with the Amaimon, who taunted Val. The horned gentleman tried to Bewilder the hunter, to no avail.

After much dodging and tugging, the one tough mother and Anpur — with help from Kunal and me — rended the devil (not Val) limb from limb. Kemosh and I ground the still-regenerating remains into a paste, embedded them in rocks, and separated the rocks.

Although I guessed that Val had tried to escape former diabolical overlords — and who hasn’t? — he claimed to be from the Prime Material plane of existence, like whoever summoned the Amaimon and him. At least fierce Neela and the so-called Tiefling don’t hold me responsible for this awkward meeting.

Since we were all restless and wanted to get Val home, we bade farewell to Tar and the cubs, the Vanaka sand ship, and the oasis (we blindfolded Val as a precaution). A few days’ ride later, we arrived here, the capital of the Ebir Sheikdom. Falit‘s bustling soukhs have changed little in the past months, but we have seen things in cities and out in the sands that few have imagined.

My counter-scrying had found that whatever had called the Amaimon was lurking beneath a wadi (dry stream bed) and long-abandoned oasis. We went to consult with my colleagues at the Tower of Wind, but Kunal made himself scarce rather than face another ordeal at the Mumlak krak (castle of slave/soldiers to the caliph). The Sa’luk said he had to see some guild or another, probably about smuggling.

After months of “roughing it,” I was glad to behold the three towers of sorcery, especially the wide windows of the Tower of Wind. Flying carpets, winged mounts, Wizards in flight, and avian familiars filled the bright sky. I asked around and found my old friend Tarzu, a mist-shrouded Djinni with an opal gem in his turban.

Tarzu confirmed that Val was not a demon and that I may have just intercepted the summoning that brought him and the Amaimon to our oasis. Val seemed relieved to have been spared a worse fate and hoped to return home (Pledwilt, not the kingdom of Gokuri).

Kemosh and Neela, however, were determined to go to the dead oasis to root out the evil there, especially after we had knocked out the magical barrier [intended to block “Holy Steel”]. Kemosh and the Order of the Golden Lion were more worried about feral Anpur to the west and Hobgoblin legions from the north, and Neela wanted nobody to be able to track back to her cubs. I met with them and Val at a coffee shop to talk about our next misadventure….

Byron, it was great to see you this past weekend, and I hope that everyone enjoyed our latest foray in the “Vanished Lands!” I thought that our quick-and-dirty conversions from D&D3.5 to FATE 3e Legends of Anglerre worked well enough, even though a longer-term campaign would require a closer look at aspects, powers, and items.

In the meantime, please note that the next FATE 3e “Vortexspace opera will be Team 2 (the crew of the Appomattox) on Monday, 28 November 2011. The Pathfinder/Skype: “the Vanished Landstelecom group is scheduled to meet again on Sunday, Dec. 4, and “VortexTeam 1 (the crew of the Blackbird) on Monday, Dec. 12. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! -Gene

21 April 2010: Byron’s visit — food, games, and fun

Stargate SG1

Friends, I hope that you had a good weekend. Byron V.O., a former member of the Boston-area social/role-playing groups, visited from St. Louis this past weekend. He arrived on Friday, 16 April 2010, and Thomas K.Y. met us for a late dinner at Bertucci’s in Needham, Massachusetts.

Our conversations throughout the weekend focused on work and travel, family and
relationships, history and politics, and of course, genre entertainment and gaming. The next day, Byron and I went to the Museum of Fine Arts for the “Secrets of Tomb 10A” exhibit of ancient Egyptian artifacts, which Janice and I had first seen a month ago. We grabbed lunch at Qdoba before catching a commuter rail train back in time for a PathfinderHoly Steel” teleconferencing session.

Beruk A. and Thomas joined us for burgers at Wild Willy’s, and Dexter V.H. in Brooklyn and Robert A.S. in North Carolina called in at various points in the evening. Their Player Characters reunited in the city of Hesolin in my “Vanished Lands” fantasy campaign setting. The heroes compared notes after their mission to the distant empire of Khemet (New Kingdom Egypt) and began considering strategy for the ongoing war against the dreaded ghost fleet.

We also talked about starting a new adventuring party that would have ties to previous teams, such as the “Dragonslayers” and “Holy Steel.” Fellow Game Master Brian W. stopped by to chat with Byron, a former cohort in the “Seekers of Lore” and “Broken Chains.” The face-to-face group has been playing one-shots and miniseries in a variety of genres and rules systems since we wrapped up a Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition game, and I’m preparing to run my “Vortexspace opera, but our schedule will be disrupted in the coming months because of travel.

After a few hours’ sleep, Byron and I drove out to the Minado sushi buffet in Natick, Mass., for brunch with Thomas and Paul J. While we were disappointed that half of our gang didn’t show up, we had a good meal. Thomas went to screen superhero satire KickAss, while Byron and I saw the remake of Clash of the Titans at the AMC Framingham multiplex.

The sword-and-sandals fantasy movie was fairly entertaining, if not particularly
faithful to Greek mythology
or even its predecessor. The computer-generated
paid homage to Ray Harryhausen‘s stop-motion masterpieces, and the
humor and action were well-balanced. I’d give Clash of the Titans, which was rated PG-13 for violence, three stars, a solid B, or a 7 out of 10.

Paul and Thomas came for Janice’s soup and homemade rolls at dinner, and we resumed our “Holy Steel” logistics discussion on Sunday night. Dexter wasn’t able
to log in, but Beruk did. I was disappointed that more of the local group didn’t attend, but it worked out fine. The next day, I drove Byron to Logan Airport after lunch at Acapulco’s Mexican restaurant. Speaking of food (again), I enjoyed lunch today with some co-workers at Bison County on Waltham’s Moody Street.

Coming soon: Catching up on SFTV and the crowded calendar!