“Vanished Lands: A New Dawn” Session 41.45 — Pagoda sombrero

Fellow role-players, here are my notes for “Vanished Lands” Session 40.45, which was held on Sunday, 28 June 2015:

Long ago in a distant land, spirits and men directly traded bamboo, silk, and steel. Wars to the west, twisted monsters, and power-hungry sorcerers threatened the eastern kingdoms, so the call went out for new heroes of honor and tact….

Player Character Party 40 in Gene D.’s Vanished Lands: A New Dawn” Asian-style telecom campaign, using AD&D1/D&D3.0 Oriental Adventures, Pathfinderand FATE 3e Legends of Anglerre, plus house rules, Skype, and an online dice roller, as of summer 2015:

  • Moon Jung-Mo [Dexter V.H.]-male Nannuattan Ninja (Msamaki; eastern Dark Elf Assassin) who has left the Shadow’s Claw clan and is posing as a River Spirit Folk (eastern Grey Elf) merchant; with a young wyvern Niruth; LNg, Lvl. 10
  • Souji Nobuto ‘Sonny’ Yoshimitsu [Beruk A.]-male Shengtese Tian Kensai (eastern human weapon master) from a dishonored house in the Lion Clan, specializing in chain weapons; with talking horse Yip; LNg, Lvl. 10
  • Toshiharu ‘Toshi’ Sembutsu [Byron V.O.]-male Shan Sao Wu Jen (eastern Halfling Wizard) with tiger companion Amaya and a destiny; NGc, Lvl. 10
  • Ember Talon [Sara F.]-female Crane Hengeyokai Wu (shapeshifting Druid), actually a young gold dragon banished from the Celestial Court; NGl, Lvl. 10
  • Soske’ Tiatoshe [Geoff C.]-male Shengtese Tian Shukenja (eastern human Cleric), priest and animist from the Phoenix Clan, prophesied to do great things but plagued by family and ancestor spirits; LNg, Lvl. 10
  • Saigo Kasugi [Bruce K./absent]-male Bamboo Spirit Folk Samurai (eastern Sylvan Elf Cavalier) discreetly serving his daimyo; LNg, Lvl. 10
  • Tokoro Gawa [Drew S./departed]-male carp Hengeyokai Hulinyuan (amphibious shapeshifting Ranger) seeking to protect streams; with otter companion Mala; CGn, Lvl. 10

“21 August 1227 B.C.E.:” The adventuring party arrived at Hei Kuan just in time for the Karitori Matsuri, or “Reaping Festival.” The group’s search for followers of a chaos dragon led to reptilian Zukojin and a three-eyed, four-armed creature outside the village.

Jung-Mo throws whippets (incendiary boomerangs) to start a fire to help screen the retreating peasants from the scaly folk. The civilians had been walking in an entranced procession toward a lit pagoda containing the large monster. Saigo shepherds the Spirit Folk and Shan Sao back to town.

Sonny, who had spotted a member of the rival Crane Clan, moves through the crowd after seeing Jung-Mo’s signal flare. Soske’ joins him. Toshi and Ember, who were following a Kitsune (fox woman), change into bird form and fly out to investigate.

Jung-Mo creeps through the nighttime darkness as the six Zukojin approach the path leading from Hei Kuan to the pagoda. Toshi and Ember land nearby and shift back to Halfling and Hengeyokai form, respectively, to cast spells.

Reptilian miner

Sonny and Soske’ run to catch up, passing Samurai Saigo and those returning to the walled village. Ninja Jung-Mo fires arrows at two of the humanoids, and one succumbs to his knockout poison.

Druid Ember casts Obscurement, creating more mist to help the stragglers escape the Zukojin. Wu Jen Toshi looses a volley of shuriken-shaped Magic Missiles at the lizard-kin, who attack him and Ember.

Shukenja Soske’ shoots arrows, and Kensai Sonny continues to close in. Jung-Mo knocks out another Zukojin and runs after two retreating toward the pagoda. Ember Wild Shapes into a black panther and pounces on one of her foes.

Asian gazebo

Toshi finishes off that opponent with more Magic Missiles, and he kills the three remaining Zukojin with Fiery Dragon. Jung-Mo reaches the shrine and gets a better look at the demon. He falls back to report to his companions.

Toshi recognizes the description of a Yau-Mor named Lung Jua, or “Claw of the Dragon,” no doubt a reference to the chaos dragon they’re hunting. The Shan Sao Wizard is eager to fulfill his destiny and slay a major Oni (Ogre Mage).

Soske’ suspects that the local authorities have been corrupted or misled into sending villagers as sacrifices to the pagoda under the pretense of a harvest festival.

Nannuattan Jung-Mo and Toshi (back in bird form as a black baza) stealthily maneuver to the rear of the pagoda. Ember casts Warp Wood on the roof, causing it to collapse. The Yao-Mor belches flame and casts Power Word: Blind, but the would-be heroes resist.

Soske’ casts Dispel Evil, as fellow Shengtese human Sonny hits the demon with his Vorpal whip. Jung-Mo looses magical arrows, a few of which hit, and Ember casts Heat Metal on the cruelly hooked blades in two of Lung Jua’s hands.

Toshi casts Cone of Cold and narrowly evades the demon’s Baleful Polymorph. The Yao-Mor swings its swords at Soske, who ducks beyond the monster after missing it. Sonny realizes that his whip isn’t enough to affect the massive beast, so he goes to get Saigo for backup.

Jung-Mo dodges burning debris, and Ember slows Lung Jua with Rock to Mud on the stone steps. Toshi’s Cold Ball helps, but the spell unfortunately catches Soske’ in its blast. The Yao-Mor can’t reach Soske’, but it does hit Toshi.

Soske’ backs up and casts Divine Power on himself, and Ember hits with Call Lightning. Toshi joins in with another Cone of Cold, as the team presses its fight with the demon….

Bruce, we missed “Saigo” this past week! I look forward to our last “New Dawn” sessions, as well as to more of the new D&D5e “Vanished Lands” face-to-face teamand Jason’s “Star Wars: Dark Timesgame. In the meantime, have a happy Independence Day!