“Land of Lost Souls” D&D5e Session 1 — Into the woods

Fellow role-players, here are some notes from our first full “Land of Lost Souls” teleconferencing session, which was held on Sunday, 18 January 2015:

Player Characters for the “Land of Lost Souls,” Dexter V.H.’stelecom fantasy miniseries, using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth EditionAD&D2/D&D3.5 Dragonlance, the Forgotten Realms, Palladium Fantasy, Obsidian Portal, Skype, and the Rolz.org dice roller, as of spring 2015:

  • Kalidren ‘Cal’ Haraishur [Gene D.]-male Qualinesti (Sylvan Elf) Paladin of Kiri-Jolith, god of valor; folk hero; and a potential member of the Legion of Steel; LGn, Lvl. 1
  • Redrik Stoneflow [Byron V.O./absent ]-male Neidar (Hill Dwarf) Cleric of Paladine, god of justice; outcast, guild artisan, and silversmith; LGn, Lvl. 1
  • Maddie Moonfang [Sara F.C.]-female wolfing Barbarian, skin changer from the plains and former thrall of evil wizard; TNc; Lvl. 1
  • Perogen Hawke [Josh C.]-male human Wizard of the White Robes, sage; NGc, Lvl. 1
  • Rowan Kar-Thon [Geoff C.]-male Half-Elf Skald (Bard), outlander and storyteller; NGc, Lvl. 1
  • Santiddio Sefrayn [Bruce K.]-male Half-Elf Rogue (thief), charlatan and professional treasure seeker; CNg, Lvl. 1

Late one spring, a group of wanderers meets at the logging village of Quarevarr, in the borderlands between the Wayreth Forest, the Kharolis Mountains, and the Plains of Dust. Santiddio swaggers into the “Whistling Stag” lodge and orders a “scorpion piss.”

"Dragonlance" borderlands
Northwestern borderlands


Shortly thereafter, armored Cal marches into the tavern and asks for a dandelion mead. Maddie stalks into the common room, ignoring stares at her bear pelt. Tall Rowan enters, orders a “unicorn piss,” and asks if anybody knows about the people waiting outside.

After a courteous dispute, a seemingly scrawny older man named Sam stiffly sits down and orders an ale. A young man in white robes clearly from the Tower of High Sorcery is the last to arrive. Perrogen also orders another ale.

Rennick says that some human villagers claim to have seen a ghost of a thin armored man. The retired scout recommends that the newcomers talk with witnesses Hurst and Drana. Rennick also says that Geldren Bressar, an Elf forester and mayor, is interested in any help they can give.

Cal recommends splitting up, so Sam and Maddie sweep the perimeter for tracks or signs of a hoax, but they find nothing. Cal and Perogen check out the local cemetery, where they detect faint signs of evil and magic leading north.

Rowan and Santiddio find young lovers Hurst and Drana at the well. The human and Half-Elf say they have seen the apparition heading northeast into the woods. The Skald and Rogue find the local Druid, Forestam Trienne, who says that dark-skinned figures have been seen in the same woods.

The priestess of Habakkuk also mentions the ruins of Methegrist, where the Moonwatch Paladins were subverted by a devil. Sir Jahar was the last one to stay true to the order’s ideals, says the Druid.

The would-be heroes regroup at the inn and agree to keep watch over Quarevarr for the night. The ghost appears and walks straight through Cal, who doesn’t Detect Evil. Santiddio follows into the woods. The others follow.

The Half-Elf sees two Orcs and an ebon-skinned woman. Heoverhears them discussing a pact between their tribe and the “Spider Queen.” Santiddio motions for his companions to advance, and Paladin Cal shouts, “For the realm of Qualinesti!”

Santiddio and Sam swing swords at Radfang, whom Perogen fells with Magic Missiles. Ripgut charges at Perogen but trips, and Cal kicks him. Rowan knocks out the second Orc with his staff. The bandits have a total of 110 gold pieces, or 22 g.p. per adventurer.

Sam realizes that the strange Elf has disappeared, and Cal asks Rowan and Santiddio to stay with the surviving Orc. They roughly interrogate Ripgut and kill him, but they are surprised by an arrow and magical Darkness.

Santiddio ducks but feels a dagger at his back, and lucky Rowan narrowly dodges another missile. They hear a female voice telling them to run as she summons white wolves to chase them.

Meanwhile, Perogen and the others continue following the ghost, presumably the shade of Sir Jahar, deeper into the woods. The Half-Elves soon catch up to them, with the winter wolves in hot pursuit.

Maddie strikes with a long sword, and Cal switches to javelins. Santiddio and Sam draw bows, while Perogen holds. The pack closes in, and the mysterious woman’s voice taunts the team through the trees before disappearing again.

Rowan uses two hands to wield his sword, and Forestam appears. The Druid disperses the wolves and tells the travelers to continue on their mission. They continue hiking toward Methegrist….

Dexter, let me know if these notes are sufficient, and Byron, I hope you’re feeling better! I look forward to continuing our adventures!