“Vanished Lands: Vistel’s Expedition” Session 39.55 — Thrown anchor and glass foot

Fellow role-players, here are my notes for “Vanished Lands” Session 39.55, which Drew S. hosted in Needham, Mass., on Monday, 12 January 2015:

In one ancient world, there was a region where strange majicks and demihuman races thrived. The “Vanished Lands” were blessed by the gods and cursed by prophecy. Travelers became adventurers, and adventurers strove to be heroes in the face of many perils and wonders. One such band began as circus performers, rescued slaves, and seeks to fight the dreaded Ghost Fleet….

Vistel’s Expedition,” crew of the Zephyr, Player Character Party 39 in Gene D.’s “Vanished Lands” campaign, using Pathfinder and FATE 3e Legends of Anglerre, as of spring 2015:

  • Giacomo ‘the Mysterious’ Du Vane [Beruk A.]-male Hifalendorin human Mage (Gypsy Wizard) with homunculus familiar Gerald; NGc, Lvl. 12
  • Scully Strongbow [Sara F./absent ]-female albino Flind (Gnoll) Ranger, archer, knife thrower, and sailor, with owl “Owlicious”; NGl, Lvl. 12
  • Corwin Windsong [Bruce K.]-male Half-Elf Bard, wandering noble, warrior, and mandolin player; CNg, Lvl. 12
  • Elsa Fairbottom [Rich C.G.]-female Hill Dwarf Druid outcast, cook/brewer, and animal handler with banuq (winged cat) Penryn; NGc, Lvl. 12
  • Rhys Davies [Drew S.]-male Tinker Gnome (Minoi) clockwork gadgeteer and impetuous Rogue; TNcg, Lvl. 12
  • Tarwen Rinuendell [Dana S./guest ]-female Avariel (winged Elf) Fighter, unflappable but secretive scout; LGn, Lvl. 12

(See previous notes for “Hamfast” and “Brendan” [Brian W.], “Tempestade” [Josh C.], “Radius” [Jason E.R.], “Melchior” [Byron V.O.], “Sir Torrel” [Alex W.], and “Brogar” [Brian S.].)

“16 to 19 May 1227 B.C.E.:” The Zephyr ‘s away team traveled to Alfhileno, capital of the Waletku kingdom of the Elves. The wanderers continued their research into the legends of Vappu Lahja, sought allies against her belligerent Centaurs and the Ghost Fleet, and compared notes on Gnomish airships. “King Ereval I” [Steve A.L./Non-Player Character] approved their missions and agreed to join Elsa’s long-range communications network.

Giacomo prepares another Contingency spell to Polymorph his homunculus familiar Gerald into a dragon. Corwin readies a similar Invisibility for himself. Elsa recommends parleying for a truce with Vappu Lahja.

At the Royal Air Corps, Rhys compares notes on airships with fellow Gnome Artificer Flap… and tactics with Quelanthi (High Elf) Paladin “Jiriki” [Jon W.P./N.P.C.]. Scully continues talking with refugees at the Ranger Guild headquarters.

As the adventurers head back to “Tabby’s Tavern,” a rare Avariel (winged Elf) steps out of the shadows and accosts Rhys. Tarwen says that she has heard Elsa and company debating tactics and asks to join their quest.

Hifalendorin human Giacomo is wary, but Elsa notes that King Ereval is mobilizing the Waletku kingdom’s troops to defend its southern border against rebel fey. Half-Elf Corwin gives Tarwen glass and magical arrows, as well as a healing potion.

Rhys gets Tanglefoot Bags and Thunderstones in addition to the party’s Wand of Silence. Elsa casts Message to tell the Zephyr to meet the group on the northwestern Plains of Sathendo. The Hill Dwarf then uses Transport via Plants to get the team near the town of Kedetura.

Flind Scully is happy to be reunited with “Capt. Niac” [Mike F./N.P.C.]. The Zephyr and crew spend the night about a day’s ride from Kedetura. During the third watch, a slick-skinned humanoid Teleports onto the airship’s deck.

The first quarrels from Rhys’ and Tarwen’s crossbows miss, and the foul assassinCalls Lightning against the Avariel. Corwin dons his armor, and Elsa identifies the Grimm as similar to a creature they fought recently at the haunted hamlet of Alarn.

Giacomo heads up from his cabin, and Rhys and some sailors head to a ballista. Corwin quaffs a potion of Improved Invisibility and casts Displacement on himself. Elsa Wild Shapes into a bear and charges at the Grimm, which rakes her with its claws.

After missing again, Ranger Tarwen runs to another siege engine, and Wizard Giacomo casts Chains of Light. Rhys runs down to the Zephyr’s boiler and melts an ingot of cold steel. He and his assistants coat some ballista bolts with the reddish antimagical alloy.

Meanwhile, Bard Corwin closes and casts Displacement on Elsa. The Druid’s Gust of Wind doesn’t affect the Grimm, whose talons dig into the wooden deck. Ursine Elsa casts Sunbeam and bites the Unseelie fey.

The Grimm Teleports back and counters with Darkness. Frustrated with the ineffectiveness of regular bolts, Tarwen picks up an anchor and flies up. She drops it, splintering the deck, but the Grimm dodges the anchor.

Scully supervises damage-control efforts, and Capt. Niac tries to keep the crew out of harm’s way and the ship from further notice. Giacomo casts Mage Swordand Dispels the Darkness. Rhys runs up and begins firing the bolts tipped withcold steel .

Prince Corwin tries to distract the Grimm from Elsa with sword and dagger, as Elsa falls back to heal her allies with a Positive Energy Burst. The monster swings at Corwin, but Tarwen inadvertently shoots herself.

Giacomo successfully casts Ray of Enfeeblement, and Rhys’ ammunition gets help from Corwin’s Magic Missiles and Storm Bolts. Tarwen manages to finish off the Grimm. Corwin finds and reluctantly turns over a Sickle of Disembowelment to Niac so that the Wolfen Paladin can destroy the evil weapon.

At Giacomo’s recommendation, Rhys forge cold steel manacles to deal with Vappu Lahja or her followers. Corwin tells Tarwen tales of the pale lady, whom three warlords supposedly courted while their men killed one another when she refused to pick one. Elsa is unsure of how to proceed into Kedetura.

The next morning, two Centaur scouts hail the Zephyr. The command crew slides to the ground. Nikodemus and Phyto invite them to see the “Carnival of Tears,” which is performing in the town. The travelers ask for a day’s delay (so the spellcasters can rest).

While Giacomo, Corwin, and Elsa argue about the best way to approach and defeat Vappu Lahja, Rhys and Tarwen decide to infiltrate Kedetura. Giacomo disguises Gerald as another Gnome to join them.

Despite being invisible thanks to a magical ring, Tarwen encounters a faerie dragon while flying after Rhys and Gerald. It asks her for apples and then departs. The trio then passes through wheat fields and a tent city outside Kedetura.

The Hifalendorin humans and Harfoot Halflings displaced from their farms are strangely unperturbed to be living alongside Centaur and Satyr raiders. Rhys and Gerald pretend to be would-be followers of Vappu Lahja as they enter the walled town.

Medieval Italian town
Walled town


Gerald recognizes some performers from Vistel’s Circus whom they hope to rescue. Rhys and Tarwen strangely disregard the potential peril as they see carnival tents around the market square.

Tinkerer Rhys is curious about the “Modern Engineering” tent and enters, followed by invisible Tarwen and “Gnome” Gerald. They are horrified to see human lumberjacks and carpenters being tortured and executed in a makeshift saw mill by malevolent Ice Brownies.

Evil circus
Scary carnival


Less apathetic than other spectators, Tarwen flies to Rhys and Gerald and picks them up. The Unseelie fey see the two lifted in midair and try to close the tent flaps. Tarwen makes a narrow escape and heads back to the Zephyr.

Giacomo says the infiltrators have gathered good information, but they were susceptible to whatever compulsion is fueled by a nearby ley line node. Corwin wants to take the offensive, and Elsa acknowledges that peace talks are unlikely.

Gerald reports that survivors from Vistel’s Circus are scattered around Kedetura, and Rhys works on his clockwork automatons. Scully believes the Zephyr and its crew will be needed for any rescue mission. Tarwen mentions a statue of the pale lady near the center of town.

“Vistel’s Expedition” considers a plan to get close to Vappu Lahja and thenTeleport her away from her growing horde of followers

Dana, I hope you enjoyed your first full session, and I look forward to having you sit in on our next game! Sara, we missed you, but I hope you’ll be able to rejoin the face-to-face group soon. Everyone should remember to update their P.C.s to Level 12.

In the meantime, I look forward to the next sessions of Dexter V.H.‘s D&D5eLand of Lost Souls” and Jason E.R.’s FAEChannel 37,” while we take a break from the “New Dawntelecom team.