“Strange Tales From Chicago” session notes

Fellow role-players, here are my notes for our latest miniseries, which I enjoyed, despite a late start and unfamiliarity with the “FAE” system:

Player Characters for “Strange Tales From Chicago” Geoff C.’s street-level superhero game, using FATE Accelerated Edition, Skype, and an online dice roller, Sunday, 20 October 2013:

  • Fightin’ Fritz” [Gene D.]-male human, flashy Tank, wants to pound knuckleheads, knows all the brawlers about town (see also City of Heroes MMORPG)
  • Capt. Grommet” [Beruk A.]-machine whisperer, wants to get back at the man; knows lots of techies
  •  The Crocodile” [Byron V.O.]-old tough guy, wants to clean up the city and get paid
  • Dr. Occult” [Josh C.]-master of occult, seeking enlightenment; knows stage magicians
  • Angel of the Night” [Sara F.]-gargoyle-themed guardian of the city, lives above a library
State Street
Chicago in the 1980s

Chicago, “30 Sept. 1982:” Officer Fine visits the “Drop Squad,” a private investigation agency. He tells the group that five unrelated people have been poisoned by arsenic in Tylenol capsules over the past few days. The Chicago Police Department is looking for all the help it can get, he says.

The team agrees to check out the pharmacy in return for access to official lab reports. The do-gooders pile into a Chevy, crank up some tunes, and head to Main Street in a working-class neighborhood.

Capt. Grommet and Dr. Occult go inside to talk with manager Robbie, whose wife offers them honeycomb toffee. The private detectives take the candy for later analysis and learn that some extra medicine bottles somehow showed up on the shelves. The druggist also mentions that “no-good thugs” broke in a few weeks before.

Meanwhile, Fightin’ Fritz and the Crocodile walk around the pharmacy to look for signs of other break-ins, drug deals, or more suspicious activity. They then walk a few blocks away to visit Fritz’s pal Joey in some public housing. He complains about drunk sailors but says that nobody else unusual has been in the neighborhood.

The Angel of the Night climbs up a building, getting applause from bystanders for the feat. She keeps an eye on things but sees no tracks. Capt. Grommet and Dr. Occult learn that an apartment above the pharmacy has been vacant for several months and leave a note for landlord Finnegan Brogan.

Grommit and Fritz debate the merits of recent movies as they head back to the office. The group also checks in with Officer Fine on more toxicology reports, including for the toffee.

On Oct. 1, the gumshoes follow leads to the harbor and a warehouse district. The flamboyant Fritz and man of mystery Dr. Occult attract some attention from the dock workers leaving their shift, as Angel watches from another rooftop. Grommet and Croc go for a lower profile.

At the “Salty Dog,” the second bar the private dicks visit, they spot some of the thugs described by the pharmacist. Fritz offers to buy a round of drinks, but they rudely reject his offer. Angel shadows the suspects, and the group follows her to another building….

I look forward to continuing our investigation next Sunday! Bruce and Dexter, I hope that you’ll be able to join us. I also hope that we’ll be able to put the finishing touches on the P.C.s before the start of the “Vanished Lands: A New Dawn” fantasy game.