Marathon marred

Friends, as you know, two bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon’s finish line yesterday. Three people, including an 8-year-old child, were killed, and hundreds injured, many severely. My thoughts are with all of the victims of this senseless tragedy and with their loved ones.

Back Bay
View around the Prudential Center

Many businesses were closed because of Patriot’s Day, a local holiday, but Janice and I were at work when the attacks occurred. Although we’re glad that none of our co-workers or acquaintances were among the casualties, we’re still upset by this awful incident. I appreciate the calls and e-mails from those who checked on us last night.

As usual for a Monday night, I had gone at Brian W.’s home in Newton, Mass., not far from the race route. While we were all off our game, it was still good to get together with friends. I hope that the investigators are able to bring the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice.

Incidents such as this remind us that there will always be suffering and that life is precious and fragile. Hold your loved ones close to you, be compassionate with strangers and enemies, and work for a better world.

2 thoughts on “Marathon marred

  1. I agree that this was a senseless tragedy. I am horrified that the perpetrators chose to target this sacred event, on a day that Boston typically welcomes runners from all around the world to join together in celebration of freedom and for the pursuit of individual accomplishment as well. Being a spectator at a big city marathon will never been the same.


  2. I have fond memories of watching you run the race, and I hope that while we remain vigilant, athletes will be able to continue to enjoy their pursuits. I also hope that the perpetrators are all caught, even as we sit out the current manhunt.


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