FATE 3e “Spelljammer” Update 5 — Someone’s looking to get flogged

Fellow role-players, here are my notes for Session 5 of Josh C.’s Spelljammer: “the Show Must Go On” space fantasy miniseries. We met on Sunday, 13 May 2012, and have been using Skype, Google+/Tabletop Forge, an online dice roller, and Cubicle 7’s Fantastic Adventures in Tabletop Entertainment (FATE) 3rd Ed. Starblazer AdventuresLegends of Anglerre.

>> From the “Grand Show,” a port shaped like a top hat floating in the Hysgeu sphere, the performers of “Le battant elephant” and the “Dragon Fly” workers joined the crew of the Drowned Swan as it departed for Prince Andru’s birthday celebration at the Rock of Bral. However, our heroes soon encountered a potential mutiny, mysteries deep within the huge ship, Undead pirates, and more ….

-“Oner Walek” [Gene D.]-male Wolfen sky pirate, romantic swashbuckler, prestidigitator and deck hand hailing from the “Vanished Lands” now aboard the Drowned Swan

-“Scylla” [Sara F.]-young female Amethyst Dragon fortuneteller, raised by Gypsies and devoted to protecting the weak

-“Samael Muckblood” [Geoffrey C.]-male Hill Dwarf hunter, sniper, and “bad cop” serving in ship’s security; has a steam-powered crossbow “Guinevere”

-“Zanzibar” [Robin H.]-female Lizard Wizard, pyromaniac mistress of time and space (Spelljammer)

-“The Amazing Lorenzo Le May” [Byron V.O./absent]-male human Thief-Acrobat, juggler, and sometime cat burglar in ” Le battant éléphant ” circus troupe

Rock of Bral
The Rock of Bral

>>Upon returning to the Drowned Swan’s top decks to be reprimanded for unauthorized exploration of its inner hold, a rogue band helped the regular crew avoid mops and rigging wielded by ghosts that a former captain had summoned.

Capt. Andraimon Ianthe berates Winston Reisel III for neglecting to find Druids to tend to the “Ship Mother” before leaving port. The huge vessel continues on its way to the Rock of Bral.

Still curious about secrets hidden below, Oner helps the sailors and “Dragon Fly” workers. Sam eyes the animated buckets suspiciously and brandishes Guinevere before going off to down more grog.

Scylla finds Zanzibar in the cabin/library of lead Spelljammer Nonius Vatinius. They continue their research and determine that the ghostly crew can be dispelled, but the dragon and lizard wizard agree that it’s best to wait until the Drowned Swan is safely in port.

After an exciting week’s journey, all are relieved to arrive at the Rock of Bral, a bustling spaceport. The Drowned Swan passes sky piers and goes to the lower docks, near a huge cave mouth. Oner helps Vangar make sure that no unauthorized personnel come aboard.

The Wolfen on deck also asks Lorenzo to keep an eye on the performers in ” Le battant elephant ” as the troupe joins the throngs gathered for Prince Andru’s birthday. Winston asks Sam for an armed escort as he goes ashore, and the crossbowman goes to get his fellows.

Zanzibar scrubs the ship of Undead and goes to sun herself on a rock. When the reptilian mage awakens, she finds herself surrounded by others of her kind! They are angered to learn that Zanzibar isn’t part of their crew, but she dismisses them.

Oner helps Scylla stow and secure her possessions, and they then meet Sam and Winston. Sam talks with fellow Dwarf Raknog. Winston posts a sign offering three days’ wages in silver to anyone who can find a Druid for hire.

The away team chats with Bob… a talkative Tinker Gnome who runs an elevator to the floating city’s upper tiers. Winston tries to haggle for stage space, and Oner helps by mentioning diva Vermella Rogili. “Le battant elephant” gets permission to set up near a road and to seek smaller, “more intimate” venues.

Winston admits that he asked for Sam and company to accompany him as an “entourage” to help with the initial round of negotiations. Scylla and Oner realize that the man is in over his head, so they offer to split up to help look for Druids.

While Winston goes to the Elvish District to drum up business for the carnival, the wanderers go to a quiet neighborhood on the Rock of Bral. Zanzibar, Sam, Scylla, and Oner find the Pantheist University, the House of the Path and the Way, the Polygot Shrine, and students of various races and worlds.

In the Polygot Shrine, they see bear worshippers of various pantheons, and in a nearby grove, Zanzibar meets a laid-back group of Elves. Silvermoon Lunawalker languidly says that he’ll consider her offer to serve as the “Ship Mother’s” caretaker aboard the Drowned Swan.

Sam is distracted by something and wanders away, so Zanzibar telekinetically grabs his hat. The Dwarf crossbowman ignores the Lizard Wizard, who then reaches for “Guinevere.” Oner ducks behind Scylla as Sam turns back to Zanzibar.

Three Dwarven thugs emerge from a shadowy alcove and greet Sam as a long-lost kinsman, but all present feel the tension between them. Fortunately, dragon Scylla’s size is enough to scare them off, but they promise to find Sam again later.

Unruffled, Sam retrieves his hat, glares at Zanzibar, and pays his respects at a shrine to Derin, the beggar god. Scylla divines the way to an orchard near the campus, where a group of people deny being Druids to blunt Zanzibar.

Oner asks another Elf about good places to eat. Farrelly recommends the “Enchanted Butterfly” in the Elven district and “Eat Like a Halfling” in “the Burrows” (the Halfling district). The travelers opt for the latter and see a sign with an overflowing cauldron.

The Lizard Woman, Dwarf, Wolfen, and dragon enjoy a long and hearty meal, and Oner recognizes and greets some shipmates. Sated, Sam and Scylla return to the Drowned Swan for a nap, but Zanzibar wants to go drinking in the Lower Market, so Oner follows her to keep her out of trouble.

In the thieves’ district, Zanzibar finds a sauna run by an Orc accustomed to reptile folk. He shows her to some heated rocks and strong alcohol. Periwinkle mentions a “Lizard Folk scene,” while Oner tries to stay cool with strange, frozen beverages.

Zanzibar falls asleep, and furry Oner worries about spending the night in the sweltering sauna. The swashbuckler hears a commotion overhead and wakes the assistant Spelljammer — winged Scylla is taking Sam flying! Those on the ground are amused by the Dwarf’s misadventure, and Oner and Zanzibar go to meet them back at their ship….

I’m glad that we were able to play, despite the latest technical difficulties with Google+/Tabletop Forge and Skype. Byron, we missed you at this past weekend’s game!

I look forward to Jason’s “Glassworks” superhero scenario using Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, as well as whatever Rich, Bruce, and others run on alternating Monday nights. I expect to eventually return to my own long-running Pathfinder: the Vanished Lands” andVortexcampaigns.

If I remember correctly, we won’t be meeting this coming Sunday, 20 May 2012, and I won’t be available during Memorial Day weekend. I hope to see all of you virtually in June!