Dogs of the “Vanished Lands”

The archetypal fantasy dog
Mythical canine Cerberus

In honor of tonight’s broadcast of the annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, here again is a list of the modern equivalents of the breeds that the fantasy peoples of my “Vanished Lands” homebrew campaign setting (currently using Pathfinder) would have:

>>Dwarves (guard dogs)

-Hill (Dverge; most common)-Corgi, Saint Bernard

-Mountain (Khaz, Deep; urban nobility)-Bernese, Mastiff

-River (seminomadic)-Otterhound, Skipperke

-Korubokuru (eastern)-Chow Chow

-Dune (Vanaka/Utuchekulu; southern)-Basenji

-Gray (Duergar, Derro; usually evil)-Bulldog

>>Elves (hunting dogs; Cooshie resembles Whippet)

-Sylvan (Wood; most common)-Pointer

-High (Quelanthi; urban nobility)-Poodle

-Grey (Faerie; mountain craftspeople)-Spitz

-Wild (Grugach; barbarians)-Wolfhound

-Bamboo Spirit Folk (eastern Sylvan)-Shih Tzu, Shiba Inu, Foo Dog

-River Spirit Folk (eastern Grey)-Greyhound

-Dark (Drow, Nannuattan; usually evil)-Doberman, Groendal

-Valley Elves (reclusive magocrats)-Vizsla

-Frost Elves (far northern cousins)-Borzoi, Samoyed

>>Note: Avariel (northwestern winged Elves), Thallasaquendi (western Sea Elves), and Dimernesti (eastern Sea Spirit) have other companion animals

>>Gnomes (terriers)

-Surface (Forest, Rock)-Border/Cairn Terrier, German Pincher

-Svirfneblin (Deep)-Dachshund

-Tinker (Minoi; Mad)-Schnauzer

>>Halflings (hounds; Blink Dogs resemble Beagles)

-Harfoot (Hobbits; closest to humans)-Corgi, Foxhound

-Faldine (Tallfellow; closest to Elves)-Airedale, Spaniel

-Woldan (Deep; closest to Dwarves)-Basset, Pug

-Shan Sao (eastern)-Chin, Pekingese

>>Humans (all purposes)

-Barbari (proto-Slavic/Central Asian)-Afghan, Husky

-Hifalendorin (proto-Western European)-Boxer, Retriever, Tervuren

-Saganim (proto-Celtic)-Newfoundland, Sheepdog

-Shengtese (Oriental, East Asian)-Sharpei

-Suthern (proto-West Asian)-Ibizan, Pharoah hounds

-Zarendo Islander (East African)-Rhodesian Ridgeback

>>Selected Other Humanoid Subspecies/races:


-Goblins-Bull Terrier, Wargs


-Bakemono-Hairless Chinese Crested

>>Ogre-kin (Orcs, Ogres, Bugbears, Oni)-Rottweiler

-Giant-kin (Giants, Trolls)-Neopolitan Mastiff

>>Note: Beast-kin generally don’t keep animal companions.