Moving sale, updated

Image from the first part of Jackson's Hobbit adaptation
An Unexpected Journey begins

Friends and fellow role-players, by now, you’ve probably seen that I’ll have to move within the next month. While I’ve gotten accustomed to having a three-bedroom townhouse with a full basement and yard for the past nine years, the time has come to downsize my possessions a bit again.

Here’s a list of items for sale. Gaming books start at $4 apiece. If you’re not in the Boston area but are interested in some of these items, let me know as soon as possible. I may be able to snailmail them to you! Thanks again…


-The Complete Bard’s Handbook

-The Complete Druid’s Handbook

-The Complete Priest’s Handbook

-Monstrous Compendia, in binder

D6 (Josh C.):

-D6 Fantasy, Space

-Star Wars, Second Edition, and Trilogy Sourcebook


-Arms & Armor

-Big Eyes, Small Mouth, Revised Edition

-Bulldogs! (space opera, not FATE version)

-Castles & Crusades: Player’s Handbook, Monsters & Treasure

-Cavalier’s Handbook (Byron V.O.?)

-D&D3.5 Player’s Handbook

-D&D3.5 Dungeon Master’s Guide

-D&D3.5 Monster Manual

-D&D3.5 Complete Arcane

-D20 Modern: D20 Past

-Dead Man’s Chest

-Enchanted Locations: Crypts & Tombs

-Etherscope (steampunk)

-Fantasy Craft core book

-Horizon: Spellslinger (steampunk)

-Interludes: Sands of Pain

-Lore of the Gods (fantasy pantheons)

-Occult Lore


-Quintessential Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Paladin; Ranger (Byron V.O.)

-Relics & Rituals

-Seas of Blood: Fantasy on the High Seas (multiple books)

-Shadowforce Archer (Spycraft)

-Silver Age Sentinels (superheroes)

-Skull & Bones

-Star Wars RPG (pre-Saga edition): Revised Core Rulebook, Galaxy Tiles, Hero’s Guide, Power of the Jedi Sourcebook, Rebellion Era Sourcebook, Ultimate Alien Anthology

-Swashbuckling Adventures (7th Sea)

-Sword & Sorcery: Forbidden Kingdoms (steampunk)

-Sword & Sorcery: Glades of Death (wilderness)

Pathfinder (a.k.a. “D&D3.75”; Paul holding, along with long box of Batman/Nightwing comics, Dragon magazines, box of large minis, Pathfinder Book of the Damned 3, and Book of Riddles):

-Bonus Bestiary

-Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lands of the Linnorm Kings

-Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Pathfinder Society Field Guide

-Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to the River Kingdoms

Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition:

-D&D4e for Dummies

-D&D4e: Dungeon Master for Dummies

-Dungeon Master’s Screen

-GSL Advanced Player’s Guide

-GSL The Quintessential Wizard

-Wizards Presents: Races and Classes

-Wizards Presents: Worlds and Monsters

True20 (same rules set as Mutants & Masterminds):

-Adept’s Handbook

-Adventure Roleplaying, Revised Edition (core book)


-Centauri Knights (space opera)


-Expert’s Handbook

-Game Master’s Screen

-Gearcraft Steampunk Sourcebook

-Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Ed.: Algernon Files 2.0, Instant Superheroes, Ultimate Power

-Pocket Player’s Guide

-Tales of the Caliphate Nights (Arabian fantasy)

-Tomorrow Knights (space opera)

-True Sorcery

-Warrior’s Handbook

-Worlds of Adventure

Other systems:

-Adventure! (Aeon/Trinity, White Wolf pulp)

-Amber Diceless Role-Playing, Shadow Knight (high fantasy)

-Basic Action Super Heroes Ultimate Edition, BASH! Sci-Fi Edition

-DC Universe boxed set, Daily Planet Guide to Gotham, and Gotham City Sourcebook

-Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space

-FATE 3e Diaspora (“hard” science fiction)

-Amazing Engine: For Faerie, Queen, and Country (steampunk)

-Fudge, 10th anniversary edition

-Lamentations of the Flame Princess: Grindhouse Edition boxed set and Vornheim City Guide (weird fantasy)

-Lord of the Rings RPG (Decipher version): Core Roleplaying Book, Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, Maps of Middle Earth, Fell Beasts and Wondrous Magic

-Serenity RPG, Six Shooters and Spaceships, other sourcebooks

-Shadowrun, 4th/20th anniversary edition (cyberpunk/fantasy)

-Shard: Basic Compendium (anthropomorphic fantasy; Sara?)

-Star Trek, Decipher edition: Player’s Guide, Narrator’s Guide, Starfleet Operations Manual, Starships

-Stars Without Number (science fiction retro-clone)

-Stellar Horizons (indie space opera)

-Strands of FATE

Board games ($10 each):

-D&D Clue

-Marvel Scene-It

-Monopoly: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars editions

-Trivial Pursuit: Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (Byron V.O.) editions

>>Lego “Star Wars” sets — Micro-scale smaller ships ($4 each):

-ARC Starfighter

-AT-ST (x2) and Snowspeeder


-A-Wing and Slave 1

-Droid drop ship

-Droid Fighter

-Imperial Shuttle

-Millennium Falcon (Byron V.O.)

-Republic Gunship

-Sebulba’s Podracer

-Sith Infiltrator

-Star Destroyer

-TIE Interceptor (x2)

-X-Wing and TIE Advanced

-Mega Blox Enterprise

>>Minifig-scale ($10 each):

-Anakin’s Podracer (Byron V.O.)


-Bounty Hunter Pursuit

-B-Wing at Rebel Control Center

-Ewok Attack

-Gungan Sub

-Imperial Shuttle (Byron V.O.)

-Jedi Duel


-Slave 1 (Byron V.O.)


-TIE Fighter

-Tusken Raider Encounter

Miscellaneous stuff:

-Doctor Who: the Visual Dictionary, updated and expanded

-Dragon, Kobold Quarterly, and Starlog magazines, numerous assorted issues (Paul J. holding two boxes worth)

-Star Wars Blueprints, Rebel Edition

-swords: Viking, ninja-to, wooden practice (Byron V.O.)

Appliances and furniture (best offers; must provide own transport):

-air conditioner, vertical window unit

-boom box, with dual tape deck

-cabinet with shelves, plastic

-carpets, dark green, 9×12-ft.

-CD tower, solid wood, $20

-chairs, folding

-chicken wire, 20-ft. roll

-computer desk, with keyboard tray and wheels, $25

-dehumidifier, basement capacity (Don F.)

-entertainment center/TV cabinet with storage, wheels, fits 26″ CRT, $40

-fans, floor

-grill, George Foreman, hardly used, $10

-keyboard, USB, $5

-kitchen cart, solid wood butcher block, $20

-lawnmower, manual/push

-microwave oven, LG, $20 (Mike K.)

-monitor, flat-screen, 17-in., $10 (TT’s Bob H.)

-ottoman, brown microsuede, 25″ x 20″ x 17″ high with storage, $30

-rakes and other garden tools

-refrigerator, Whirlpool, good condition, $50 (Mike K.)

-space heater

-speakers x2, computer, Harman/Kardon, $10 (TT’s Bob H.)

-side table, solid wood, unfinished, 26″ x 23″ x 21″ high, $20

-stereo, Aiwa, including 3-CD changer and dual-deck tape player, $40

-table/child’s desk, very solid but some scuffs, 36″ x 23″ x 22″ high, $30

-tables, long folding, plastic (yes, the ones we’ve been using for gaming)

-television, 26-in.

-vacuum, shop, wet/dry, $20

-VHS tape storage drawers

-washer & dryer, Whirlpool, electrical, $50 each (Mike K.)

Everything must go in the next few weeks! [Note: This list updated 2 February 2012.]