Catching up again on comics

The Batfamily, late 2011
The "Batfamily"

In addition to celebrating the holidays and catching up on movies in the past few weeks, I picked up comic books at New England Comics, Newbury Comics, and The Outer Limits near Boston. There’s still a sense of community at these shops that no digital subscription can yet replace.

My tastes run toward mainstream superhero comics, which I’ve been sharing with college chum David I.S. in return for some indie and horror titles. Despite controversies around its revised continuity and treatment of female creators and characters, I’ve enjoyed much of DC Comics, especially its various Batman titles. Detective Comics, Batman and Robin, Batwoman, and Birds of Prey are among my favorites, with a young Superman in Action Comics and the latest attempt to refocus Wonder Woman coming close behind.

On the Marvel Comics side, I’m still following Captain America, even if I can’t keep up with the various teams of Avengers and X-Men. Of the indie comic books I’m getting or looking forward to, I like sword and sorcery (Conan, Red Sonja), high fantasy (Mouse Guard and Avatar: the Last Airbender), steampunk and pulp (Zorro), some humor (Muppets and Liberty Meadows), and science fiction (Warlord of Mars and Flash Gordon).

Dave and I are looking forward to TV adaptations of Powers and other comics and graphic novels, not to mention upcoming movies and direct-to-DVD releases such as Justice League: Doom. We’ll have no shortage of viewing or reading material for 2012!