15 October 2009: Thanks for all the wishes

 Birthday cake

to all who sent birthday wishes. While its not as big a deal as last year's
40th birthday bash in New York, I appreciate being remembered. On Wednesday, 14
October 2009, my superiors Lauren H. and Margie S. surprised me and co-workers
Pat O. and Steve C. with pastries from Keltic Krust bakery in Newton, Massachusetts.
Today, I had lunch with Pat at our cafeteria, and fellow CW alumnus Craig S.
started working at TT.

addition to e-cards and Facebook posts, I've received a few books, DVDs, and other
gifts. Tonight, Janice and I plan to go to Fuji, a Japanese steakhouse here in
Needham, Mass., and she baked a chocolate cake. This coming weekend, we'll meet Thomas K.Y. and Beruk A. for Where the Wild Things Are

Coming soon: Second
takes on the new TV season