Entry for May 10, 2009: All good things…

…must come to an end. I'm sorry that it has been a while since I've blogged, but I've been busy since visiting family in Pennsylvania and Virginia around Easter.

On Friday, 1 May 2009, I was laid off after nine and a half years of working as a CW copy editor. I was fortunate to be part of a great team, and I'm proud of what we did in print and online. However, publishing and journalism have been suffering since before the current recession, which has only accelerated changes in reader and advertiser habits.

Unlike the last time I was laid off, after the dot-com bust and terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, I have more experience and contacts, but the global economy is in worse shape than it was then. Still, I've jumped into the job hunt, sending out resumes, looking at online postings, and networking with former colleagues. I've also filed for unemployment compensation and met with an outplacement counselor.

My initial search has focused on editing and writing, but I'll widen my sights as needed into education, marketing, regulatory monitoring, and health care. I don't have the talents to become a musician, programmer, or waiter, but every organization needs to communicate clearly.

Thanks to all of my friends and former co-workers who have already offered encouragement and advice, and if any of you reading this have any leads, don't hesitate to pass them on! I'm also active in online social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and MySpace.

Since Janice's technical writing post is relatively stable at the moment, we have no plans to relocate to New York or Virginia, despite the leads forwarded by some friends. I'd like to spend some time visiting friends and family outside New England, but I have to see how my schedule sorts itself out.

There's no danger of me becoming bored — in addition to continuing to catch up on reading and filing, I intend to do more of the housework, yard work, and cooking now that I'm home before Janice. Even with cutting back on buying gaming and comic books, the local groups have kept me busy, especially as the genre television season winds down and the summer movie season begins. I'll have reviews and more updates within the week!