Entry for March 25, 2009: BSG and SFTV

How many of you stuck with Battlestar Galactica? Ron Moore's "reimagined" postapocalyptic military space opera ended last Friday after a critically acclaimed run. Although I haven't approved of the revisionist show's dour mood (Who's alcoholic or murderous this week?) and some of the changes from its late-1970s progenitor, the quality of the acting and special effects has earned BSG high ratings for the SciFi Channel.

The final few hours of BSG started out with a spectacular space battle, although some of the tactics and objectives were questionable. The last hour or so (Note: some of the reviews linked to here have "spoilers") featured a character-driven attempt to wrap up storylines, although given the amount of internecine conflict and clinging to old ways for most of the past seasons, the pseudo-mystical explanations of the Cylons' (and writers') plans seemed to me even more forced than the finale of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I don't expect to follow BSG spin-off Caprica, which looks like a melodrama involving cybernetics, not unlike Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

As someone who has followed genre news at the former SyFy Portal, now renamed Airlock Alpha, I'm annoyed at the SciFi Channel's attempt to rebrand itself as "SyFy," continuing a move away from its core audience marked by schlock horror telemovies of the week, so-called reality programming, and wrestling. Sure, such shows may draw mainstream viewers, but both genre classics and original programming have been neglected or cut short.

While I embrace my identity as a fanboy, I don't like the outdated stereotyping of uncool geeks or nerds. It remains to be seen whether Sanctuary and Warehouse 13 can match the canceled Farscape and Stargate SG1 for creativity or fanbases. As I've mentioned before, I'm also looking forward to the eventual return of the more heroic Doctor Who and its spin-offs, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and even K-9 and Company!

Coming soon: Wonder Woman, other animation, and comic books!