Entry for December 02, 2008: Thanksgiving report

Friends, I hope you had a good holiday weekend. On Thursday, 27 November 2008, Janice and I drove to her immediate family in Upstate New York to celebrate Thanksgiving. Her youngest sister Melinda hosted the big feast, which included turkey and all the trimmings, as well as four kinds of pie!

The next morning, Janice, her sisters, and their mother woke up at 3:00 a.m. to brave the "Black Friday" shopping crowds. Fortunately, the men stayed behind. I played video games with my brother-in-law Gary and nephew Josh. That evening, we enjoyed a lasagna dinner and surprised my niece Becky with a cake for her 16th birthday.

On Saturday, we met up at Janice's parents' home, where I saw their newly renovated kitchen. Some of the children and the family dogs played in the snow, which we haven't gotten yet in southern New England. My nieces Laura and Amanda played piano, I belatedly watched the computer-animated Ant Bully, and we ate still more food — this time, barbeque (Sloppy Joes).

Janice and I then drove back to Massachusetts. I'm now caught up on episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars and The Legend of the Seeker, both of which have grown on me. While most of our Christmas shopping is done, I have lots of snailmail and reading still to do. This coming weekend, Janice's parents and Amada will be visiting for Janice's birthday and the Bay Colony Dog Show in Boston.