Entry for October 06, 2008: All’s fair…

In response to a decline in print advertising, ever-increasing amounts of work for our Web site, and recent layoffs, my editor in chief threw a party for our editorial department to boost morale and celebrate recent awards. We enjoyed a lunch catered by Firefly's Barbeque at Fun & Games in Framingham, Massachusetts. Ken G. and I had recently checked out the arcade.

In addition to the video games, I had fun playing old favorites such as foosball, air hockey, and even laser tag! Of course, I'm pleased to report that I did well at my second games of each of these rather than dwell on my initial losses. Co-worker Bob R. and I have still been playing pool (billiards) during our lunch hour on most Thursdays. Speaking of food, this past weekend, Janice and I were pleased to find that our favorite local Chinese buffet, formerly Hunan New Taste in Walpole, Mass., is now improved as Asia Treasures.

After Friday's party, several of us went to the British Beer Company nearby for a few rounds of drinks and conversation. Of course, politics and the current U.S. financial crisis were among our topics. Although I applaud Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) historic choice of a female running mate, I'm distressed that Gov. Sarah Palin has relatively little experience with government beyond Alaska and is much more conservative than I'm comfortable with.

Still, the U.S. presidential campaign has heated up, with both McCain and Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) performing well in their first debate — on economics and foreign policy — and Palin providing lots of fodder for Saturday Night Live parodies in interviews and her decent performance at last week's vice presidential debate.