Entry for September 23, 2008: Food, glorious food!

I've been busy with work and gaming, hence the delayed blog posting. Despite recent dental appointments (partly as a result of the partial bridge on my upper teeth, my lower molars have worn badly), I've enjoyed lots of local cuisine lately. Co-worker Ken G., Janice, and I have been to the new Chipotle in the Shopper's World plaza near where Ken and I work in Framingham, Massachusetts. I slightly prefer that burrito chain to Boloco, which also has an eatery in the area.

In addition, during the visit of St. Louis-based friend Byron V.O. this past weekend (19 to 22 September 2008), we ate at the reliable Bertucci's and went to the crowded but fun Phantom Gourmet Food Festival in Boston. The Phantom Gourmet is a local television show that reviews area restaurants, or as we call it, "food porn." On Sunday, we enjoyed the Minado sushi buffet in Framingham with Thomas K.Y.

We also ordered dinner from Oak Hill Pizza during the D20 Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Ed.: "Drake's 7" superhero game and had lunch at Nicholas' Pizzeria in Needham, Mass. Although we prefer Fuddrucker's or Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage (which suffered from a fire), we had good hamburgers at Wild Willy's in walking distance from my duplex. As I've noted previously, I've become a proponent of locally grown, organic foods, but patronizing local restaurants was our bit to help the economy during Byron's visit.

Next time: The new genre TV season!