Entry for April 30, 2008: Off-site retreat

Friends, I hope that all's well with you. The past week has been busy, despite the break from the usual gaming schedule. Although I missed the birthday party of niece Ava, I look forward to seeing my family in Virginia at the end of next month.

I attended CW's annual editorial off-site from Sunday, 27 April 2008, through Tuesday, April 29, at the Warren Conference Center in Ashland, Massachusetts. The meetings were productive, the food was excellent (including lobster), and the weather was unfortunately cool and damp. It was especially nice to see co-workers who work in our remote offices.

Thanks to features such as "speed meetings" and "Who am I?" I was impressed to learn of co-workers' literary preferences and some common interests. Donna S. and I brought board games, which went unplayed. Although reporter Eric L. trounced me in ping-pong (both doubles and singles), I had fun.