Entry for March 19, 2008: Clarke, food, and SFTV

I'm sad to report that science fiction author and "godfather of the telecommunications satellite" Arthur C. Clarke has died in Sri Lanka at the age of 90. I've enjoyed his novels, many of which speculated on humanity's potential evolution and exploration of the cosmos. As a visionary and an idealistic humanitarian, Clarke will be missed.

Friends, thank you for the anniversary wishes — Janice and I have been married for 13 years and together for 18! We went out to the Fuji Japanese steakhouse in Needham, Massachusetts, to celebrate. Also, Happy Birthday to Bob R., Connor R., and Steve M.R., and Happy Anniversary to Damon F.P. & Nicole P. and to Corbin A.Y. & Andria K.Y.! Amid all the news of a worsening U.S. economy, continuing environmental degradation and wars, and adulterous politicians, it's good to focus on some good news for a change.

While Janice was visiting her mother, who is recovering from knee-replacement surgery, in Upstate New York last week, I ate some seafood; caught up on reading, filing, and sleep; and kept busy with the usual routine of work and gaming.

On Saturday, 15 March 2008, I drove to Thomas K.Y.'s condominium in Lexington, Massachusetts, to meet mutual friend David I.S., who had come from Rochester, N.Y., for the wedding of Nate P. We then went to New Jang Su, a Korean barbeque restaurant in Burlington, Mass.

We chatted about our respective jobs, the online dating scene, and genre entertainment during lunch and at a nearby Borders Books. After returning to Thomas' place, we briefly met his parents, who were visiting for the week, before Dave left for Nate's nuptials. Thomas and I then joined his friend Matt at Bugaboo Creek. We waited for a while for a table, but the food was good.

The next morning, I met Dave and Thomas at Wilson's Diner in Waltham, Mass. As I've mentioned before, Janice and I have been watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network, so the authentic casual eating experience was worth the late brunch. Sure, such cuisine isn't particularly healthy, but comfort food is a treat once in a while. Dave and I agreed that hamburgers surprisingly settle our stomachs while traveling when other food won't!

Janice returned that afternoon, and we had pizza at our "old reliable," Bertucci's. However, with Gabriella's Bistro replacing Euro Taste and Wild Willie's burgers soon to replace Bai Thong in that shopping plaza, and with Mexican restaurant Tu y Yo replacing pan-Asian Pho Pasteur in downtown Needham, we won't run out of new local eateries to try anytime soon!

I've blogged in the past weeks about recent television shows. I'm pleased to report that I'm still enjoying science fiction Torchwood and modern fantasies Reaper and New Amsterdam, and the early buzz for next season's Pushing Daisies is promising. I have yet to watch the direct-to-video Stargate SG1: The Ark of Truth, which wraps up some of that long-running space opera's storylines.

Co-worker Ken G. offered a humorous follow-up to Angela G.'s and my observations about Terminator becoming reality, as well as a link to fan-made episodes of Buffy: the Vampire Slayer, much like the controversial Star Trek: New Voyages or Batman fan flicks such as Dead End.

I've blogged before about the recent trend of continuing popular television series into comic books, most notably Star Trek: Year Four, Highlander, Buffy: Season 8, and Angel: After the Fall. Speaking of franchises, I agree with IGN.com's mixed review of the latest season of Stargate: Atlantis, even as the SciFi Channel's Friday night lineup is about to be reinvigorated.

Co-worker Brian F. has had less patience for the kid-friendly animation of the just-canceled Superman and the Legion of Superheroes and the new Spectacular Spider-Man than I have, but we agreed that the writing has been pretty good on the latter show so far.

While the increasing dominance of Fox over Kids' WB is one of several changes coming in Saturday morning cartoons, there are still shows to look forward to, including a new Iron Man and Wolverine and the X-Men on Nickelodeon and, of course, the animated Star Wars: Clone Wars! In addition, several movie adaptations of comic book superheroes are in the works, such as Watchmen.

This coming weekend is Anime Boston and Easter, but I now have an embarrassment of riches for the weekend of April 18 to 21, between Janice visiting her family in Pennsylvania, Ron J.K. visiting his brother in Massachusetts for Passover, and Brian F. and maybe Stuart C.G. going to the New York Comic-Con. As always, so much to do, so little time…