Entry for November 30, 2007: Genre update

Fellow genre entertainment fans, here are a few updates (see also previous postings and the enclosed links):

Nickelodeon will be showing a one-hour episode of its animated fantasy Avatar: the Last Airbender tonight (Friday, 30 November 2007). This weekend, the SciFi Channel's Wizard of Oz riff Tin Man premieres, and the final episodes of NBC's time-travel drama Journeyman may yet air after all.

Although the strike affecting Broadway is over, the writer's strike may give us time to catch up on viewing after the half-season (and some series) finales in the next few weeks. The DC Comics direct-to-video release of Justice League: New Frontier has been delayed to February, but it looks very promising (and more so than the live-action movie, which has stalled for now).

In movie news, next year looks to be a good one for cliffhanging pulpy adventures in China, with Hellboy 2: the Golden Army (July), The Mummy [3/4]: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (August), and of course, Indiana Jones [4] and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (May)! In the meantime, the slightly campier National Treasure 2: The Book of Secrets might be entertaining, if even more implausible.

The trend of comic book adaptations will also continue, with The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and a new Hulk coming. Speaking of superheroes, Janice and I have been enjoying early evening reruns of the classic 1990s Batman and Superman animated series on Jetix, as well as the occasional late-night rebroadcast of the Timm/Dini Justice League on Boomerang.

Unfortunately, because of problems with our DVR, we've been missing recent Saturday morning episodes of The Batman, which have featured cameos by characters such as Green Arrow and Green Lantern. I hope to catch up on reading comic books this coming weekend, since I'll be using up some vacation time, in part to celebrate Janice's birthday. Have a good one!