Entry for October 12, 2007: Goring Bush

Congratulations to former Vice President Al Gore and to the international climate commission for winning a Nobel Prize. As fellow blogger Steve M.R. has noted, Gore's efforts to raise awareness of the dangers of human-induced climate change have distinguished him among U.S. politicians, despite the fact that George W. Bush won the White House in a court ruling.

While we may debate the causes and extent of damage to the environment, I hope that Americans and people around the world can rally to protect our fragile planet. I also support calling the killings of numerous Armenians in the early 20th century genocide, but it's unfortunate that the proposed resolution in Congress has damaged our relations with Turkey. As much as I would like idealistic leaders such as Jimmy Carter or Gore to be in office, I expect the current presidential candidates to be more pragmatic. I only hope that they will be able to provide both leadership and unity.

In unrelated news, more casting announcements for the Star Trek movie reboot and Marvel Comics' unveiling of a new costume and supersoldier to be Captain America have kept fanboys busy online. Speaking of fellow bloggers, here are some links to those of friends:

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Have a good weekend!