Entry for September 28, 2007: Happy 20th anniversary, TNG!

Fellow genre entertainment fans, as fellow blogger Ken G. has noted, today marks the 20th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek: the Next Generation. An essay that I wrote and he edited is among the posts at Showbits.net commemorating the influential space opera series.

Speaking of genre television, while I haven't yet watched last night's season premiere of Smallville (which I expect to be fairly predictable anyway), I plan to catch Doctor Who, Midnight, and Stargate: Atlantis tonight. I'll also record Avatar: the Last Airbender. As I noted to Steve M.R., I'll cut back a bit on viewing once I've seen a bunch of premieres.

Of the new shows I mentioned in my previous post, NBC's Journeyman and the CW's Reaper were the most promising, with the SciFi Channel's Painkiller Jane and Flash Gordon earning the dubious honor of being the weakest. We'll have to see how good supernatural dramas Midnight, Pushing Daisies, and New Amsterdam are, although it's worth noting that relatively few programs avoid swift cancellation. Live long and prosper…