Entry for September 26, 2007: Visitors, Star Wars, and meals out

Although the warm, dry weather may suggest otherwise, a busy autumn has arrived. Congratulations to Corbin A.Y. & Andria K.Y. on their new townhouse!

I took Friday, 21 September 2007, off from work to prepare for Dexter V.H. and Byron V.O.'s visit. Unfortunately, Byron had to return home to St. Louis from New York prematurely due to family illness, but college chum Dex still came up from Brooklyn to the Boston area.

Janice left for a weekend in Maine, and I did some housecleaning and moved our lawn. Dexter arrived via bus and train by midafternoon, and we decided to quickly drive to Pandemonium Books & Games in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Fortunately, early rush-hour traffic wasn't too bad.

Thomas K.Y. came over at about 6:00 p.m. for dinner at Bertucci's Brick Oven Ristorante, which out-of-towners such as Dex, Byron, and former co-worker Jacqui M.D. like to eat at when they visit. We hung out at my place afterward. Thomas suggested watching a video or going into Boston, but Dexter was a bit tired, and we couldn't agree on a movie. We did watch Dex's DVD of the unaired pilot episode for NBC's Heroes, which was pretty interesting.

On Saturday, Dexter and I watched some cartoons (more on that in my next posting), and we had lunch with Thomas at the Minado sushi buffet near where I work in Framingham, Mass. We met Beruk A. at a nearby Newbury Comics, and Thomas left before Dexter's D20 Star Wars: Saga Edition one-shot game at my second duplex in Needham Heights, Mass.

We were pleasantly surprised at attendance for the space opera scenario. Although the role-players trickled in over the course of a few hours, the streamlined rules system and everyone's familiarity with George Lucas' universe made character creation simple. If this is indeed a preview of Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition, I'm there next summer!

I played Sullustan Scout "Gevo," and Beruk rolled up a human Scoundrel named "Yanik." Brian W. then created Duros Fringer "Dor," Greg D.C. was Jawa Commando "Jesek," and Byron eventually dialed in as Bothan trader "Raynor." Our team met and fought Imperial forces in the period at the end of Star Wars [Episode III]: Revenge of the Sith.

I thought the game was among our more fun occasional weekend one-shots, not least because I got to play rather than act as Game Master for a change. More information on that and our regular D&D3.5 "Vanished Lands: the Broken Chains" and "Holy Steel" fantasy sessions can be found at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/DnD3VanishedLands/

Alas, Dexter didn't get to go sightseeing in Boston, partly due to numerous telephone calls and text messages from friends and family late into the night, but we did watch more season premieres on DVR. After brunch at Friendly's (another local chain), Dex caught a ride with a friend back to metropolitan New York. I didn't get online for the City of Heroes supergroup, but I wrote my update for the previous night's game.

I met Jacqui, who was in town from Des Moines for business, at her hotel. We ended up stopping by the Borders Books in the Chestnut Hill Mall in Newton before grabbing dinner at Bertucci's (again, for me). We chatted about travel, health, work, and television. We'll probably go out again with co-workers Michele L.D'F. and Bob R. tomorrow night.

On Monday, I continued catching up on reading and writing, if not on sleep. Janice returned by midday, and we had lunch at Acapulco's in Newton. Janice and I then shopped for groceries and watched the previous weekend's shows and premieres. After a summer with several houseguests, I'm looking forward to more time with Janice and some genre entertainment conventions in the coming months.

Next time: SFTV roundup!