Entry for January 26, 2007 — SciFi TV news items

More assorted genre entertainment news:

-Phil Morris, who played John Jones/Martian Manhunter on the most recent "Smallville" episode, is the son of Garrett Morris, who preceded him in the "Mission Impossible" television series. He's also a big comic book fan, saying he has about "20,000" issues.

-The SciFi Channel plans to air some sort of "bonus" after this coming Sunday's episode of its revisionist "Battlestar Galactica" military space opera.

-George Takei, who played "Hikaru Sulu" in the original "Star Trek," will be appearing in upcoming episodes of NBC's ensemble superpowered drama "Heroes" as the father of "Hiro Nakamura."

-Veteran British thespian Derek Jacobi, who played "I, Claudius" among many other distinguished roles, will be making a cameo on "Doctor Who" as a "good guy."

-Next season, the BBC will be running a "Doctor Who" cartoon. The Web cartoons before the current live-action series were entertaining. As a long-time "Whovian," I'm looking forward to this!

-While Katie Holmes-Cruise is now said to be out of the "Dark Knight" movie, Patrick Stewart and Sarah Michelle Gellar-Prinze will be among the celebrity voices in the upcoming computer-animated "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" flick (see photo).

-George Clooney is one of the producers of the SciFi Channel's planned adaptation of Neal Stephenson's post-cyberpunk "Diamond Age."

-James McAvoy, who was in the SciFi Channel's well-done "Children of Dune" miniseries and "Mr. Tumnus" in the recent "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" movie, is being considered to be Scotty in the upcoming "Trek" retread.