Entry for February 13, 2006

Friends, I hope you've had a good fortnight. First, Janice and I offer our condolences to Steve M.R. and family over the death of his mother this past Friday. While I unfortunately won't be able to travel to New York for the funeral or New Jersey or Virginia for the shiva call, my thoughts are with our friends as they deal with this loss.

I've spent much of the past week and a half recovering from a bad cold or flu that has been going around. Janice missed half a day of work, and I was out sick last Monday. I've also been swamped with work, even taking some home. At least I've had time to catch up on things such as the Halmi brothers' "Jason and the Argonauts" on the SciFi Channel, BBC/A&E grifters on "Hustle," and the final episodes of "Justice League Unlimited."

Janice and I have also been cocooning with shows on Animal Planet ("Animal Precinct") and the Food Network ("Good Eats" and "Unwrapped" are our current favorites), and Janice is looking forward to the Westminster dog show in New York tonight and tomorrow. We've also watched a bit of the Winter Olympics, as well as the Super Bowl.

On the role-playing front, while weekend one-shots continue to go well (the latest introduced James B.'s 11-year-old nephew Joey to gaming), we've had some difficulty getting quorum for the regular Tuesday night D&D3.5 "Vanished Lands: Seekers of Lore" heroic fantasy sessions. While Brian P.W.'s GURPS 4e "Fantasy: Fallowshare" miniseries is winding down, Atilla C. is leaving to start his own group, and Valentine's Day tomorrow means the other married guys will have to miss the game. At least yesterday's 18 inches of snow have mostly been cleared from the roads, and my current party is still relatively large.

With planned visits by Dexter V.H., Damon F.P. and Steve M., and eventually Carolyn M.P. coming up, my weekends will be busy! Janice and I are also beginning to plan for our Las Vegas trip for the Society for Technical Communications conference (and some sightseeing) in early May. Around that time, my parents will be visiting my mother's side of the family in the Philippines, and Janice's folks will be vacationing in Florida. Be well, -Gene