Entry for October 15, 2005

Friends, thanks to those of you who sent 37th birthday wishes. Janice and I had a rude surprise when we went to our basement this afternoon: 8 inches of water! As neighbor Greg D.C. can attest, our duplex in Needham Heights, Massachusetts, is a mess.

As many of you know, Janice and I haven't had any problems with flooding in the past three years, so we had a lot stored downstairs. It now looks like our washer/dryer and air conditioner, holiday decorations, most of my comic books, half of my 200+ gaming books, and worst of all, 20+ years of role-playing notes and personal records are beyond salvage.

We've telephoned our landlord, who sent workmen and a pump, and our insurance company, so hopefully we'll get some compensation and can begin cleanup before my parents' visit from Virginia next weekend. We believe that the past week's worth of steady rain on the U.S. East Coast, plus the recent "McMansion" development up the hill and the flooding of adjacent apartments are to blame.

Thank you in advance for your support, but I don't yet know what we'll need to do in the coming days. Note that I won't be running and hosting the D&D3.5 "Vanished Lands: Seekers of Lore" game this coming Tuesday, and someone else may have to host the sessions of 25 and 30 October 2005. I'll try to check e-mail periodically (I've also been busy at work), and I hope that your week is better than mine, -Gene