Entry for August 14, 2005

It's been yet another busy, sweltering weekend here in the Boston area. Although Janice and I were invited to join Cliff & Eliza Y. to visit the beach and town of Rockport, Massachusetts, I was tied up with long-distance telephone calls (including David I.S. and Dexter V.H.) late this past week and unable to respond to them in time. As usual, the local role-playing group is also keeping me busy with administrivia, but new gamer Atilla C. seems promising.

In the meantime, Janice and I have also been sprucing up our place in preparation for a potential visit by my parents next weekend: new armoire, repainted the bathroom, and added/fixed some minor home furnishings. We also ordered a new home computer–a Dell 9100, which, thanks to a wireless LAN, will soon be able to communicate with my Apple PowerBook laptop for work…

Enjoyed the latest episodes of "Firefly (in repeat), "Stargate SG1," and the revisionist "Battlestar Galactica."  Apparently, VH1 yesterday had a string of its countdown shows featuring hard rock and heavy metal musicians, as well as the Metallica documentary, "Some Kind of Monster," some of which I caught. I've got genre news and gaming notes to catch up on, but stay cool out there.